Sunday Talks, Face the Nation Cannot Spin Away from Their CBS Poll Highlighting Major Disapproval for Biden Policy, 74 Percent Feel Things are Going Badly

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 22, 2022

CBS conducted an extensive YouGov poll [pdf DATA HERE] on wide ranging topics connected to the overall Joe Biden agenda.  The first page of the poll gives a good idea of just how badly the broad spectrum of Americans view the current status:

In addition to the Biden administration being upside down on every issue; the result of doing exactly the wrong thing on every aspect of White House policy; overall, a big indicator within the poll is that 61% of Americans polled describe the Democrat party as “out of touch.”  [DATA HERE]

Keep in mind this is a YouGov poll, which generally skews in favor of DNC policy and doesn’t filter to just registered voters.  So the actual percentages are much higher.

This morning on CBS News Face the Nation, elections and surveys director Anthony Salvanto tried to put the best spin on the poll that finds the number of Americans who say things are going badly in the country, particularly with the economy, is at the highest rate in decades.  WATCH:


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