Sunday Talks, CBS Margaret Brennan Begins Interview with False Claim Framework About Ulvalde School Shooting

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 29, 2022 

The Uvalde school shooting is the lead on every Sunday news talk show. We know the corporate media apparatus is filled with “journalists” who narrate events from a false premise, but still, they need to be called out when the baseline for conversation is important.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson appears on CBS with dramatic narrative engineer, Margaret Brennan, to discuss the Ulvalde, Texas school shooting and the aftermath.  In the very first sentence of her lead-in context, Brennan makes three remarkably false assertions to frame the basis of a manipulated interview. [Transcript Here]

Notice the lead, “There was an armed officer assigned to the elementary school in Uvalde [FALSE]. And then you had a police force response [FALSE], where they did not confront the shooter who was carrying an AR-15 [FALSE].” There was no armed officer present, there was no police force response, and the shooter was not carrying an AR-15.  From there the dramatic acting of Margaret Breann begins.

Notice Brennan later shifts to “AR-15 styled” weapon after making the false initial claim.  Then uses the term “semi-automatic”, as if that is some description of a more deadly firearm, rather than describing a singular bullet from each pull of the trigger.  …”But then there’s this AR-15 style weaponsemi automatic not that good for hunting. The bullets travel three times the speed of sound, they literally blow bodies apart. […] Why not raise the minimum age of purchase to 21 from 18?

[Transcript of Interview Here]

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