Last 30 Seconds with El-Erian

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on June 10, 2022 | Sundance 

Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz and Gramercy advisor, is one of the least dishonest people amid the Wall Street propaganda crowd.  Although due to peer pressure, he still tends to couch his economic analysis behind the CNBC screen of pretending not to know things.   [On a personal level, I bet this guy is 80% cash right now.]

This interview is generally not that impressive.  However, at the very end of this segment talking about inflation, what El-Erian says about the first 10 days of June is 100% and he’s the first person to say it. But he won’t repeat it.  WATCH (Prompted):


He’s looking at the same data set we are.  Watch closely when the May Producer Price Index (PPI) is released (origination, intermediate and final demand to wholesalers), we will see how the inflation costs are continuing to accumulate in the supply chain for all goods and leaking over into the vulnerable service sector now.

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