Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Wins Coveted Jeb Bush Endorsement for 2024

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on October 21, 2022 | Sundance 

While appearing with Neil Cavuto to discuss the 2024 election and other matters, Jeb Bush stated Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “will be a formidable candidate in 2024.” {Direct Rumble Link}

Jeb!, the failed 2016 GOPe club insider, is famous for representing the more acceptable side of the Republican party apparatus, and like former House Speaker Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush has high praise for the Florida governor describing himself as a “Ron DeSantis fan.”

Bush told Cavuto in the interview Thursday that if DeSantis runs, “he will be a competitive contender for a number of reasons.” Adding, “the main reason I support Ron DeSantis is because of how well he has run my own state. He has done a great job as governor.”  WATCH:


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to assemble a considerable amount of support from the institutional political class within the GOP.  Combined with a $200+ million war chest from major professional donors including several Wall Street multinationals, billionaires and hedge fund managers, the enticement to run must be very alluring.

As previously noted, the network, branding consultants and conscripted media support -including Fox News- are all in place.   Will the DeSantis decision be a redo of Ted Cruz’s self-destructive 2016 RNC convention speech decision? Or is DeSantis smart enough to push the professional beltway advisors back and retain an independent ability to control his own political future?

We shall see…

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