Republican Voters Take Lead in Critical Miami-Dade Early Vote, Current Trend Looks Ominous for Democrats in Florida

Posted originally on the conservative tree house November 4, 2022 | Sundance 

Miami-Dade County has long been the stronghold of Democrat voters in Florida.  With more than 1.5 million registered voters in the county Miami-Dade has long been the backstop for Democrats in Florida.  With deep red areas in the Southwest coast and Florida panhandle area, the axiom has long been said: ‘lose Miami-Dade and Democrats lose Florida’.

That said, incredibly Republicans in Miami-Dade are outvoting Democrats. [DATA HERE] This is happening despite the recent visit by Joe Biden to Miami to generate support for the blue ticket.  With President Trump being the most supported political figure in the region; and with President Trump bringing the final finishing nails this weekend for a rally in Miami-Dade on behalf of the republican ticket, Democrats are apoplectic.

FLORIDA – […] “This is not what we expected,” said Christine Alexandria Olivio, the Democratic House candidate in Florida’s 26th Congressional District in South Florida. “This is worse than what we expected. We’re getting our butts kicked right now.” She was running against Republican Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart, the longest-serving member of Congress in Florida.

Registered Democrats still outnumbered Republicans in Miami-Dade, but the latest figures indicated Democrats – at least so far – were voting in far fewer numbers than their GOP counterparts.

The swing toward higher Republican turnout in the county – with just one week before the election – was widely interpreted as a sign of support among the area’s Hispanic voters for incumbent Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis – and a lack of enthusiasm for his Democratic challenger, Rep. Charlie Crist. The county is nearly 72% Hispanic.

[…]  “The average citizen has woken up and has had enough of this nonsense,” Alina Garcia, the Republican candidate for a state House seat in Miami, wrote in an email. “That’s why you’re going to see Republicans outperform Democrats in such high numbers. That’s why you’ll see our proactive and highly effective governor get re-elected and, quite frankly, possibly win in Miami-Dade County.”

There were also signs of trouble for Democrats elsewhere: Republican turnout also had surpassed Democrats in the counties of Duval, home to Jacksonville, and Seminole, northeast of Orlando. GOP turnout was also unexpectedly high – but still behind Democratic voting – in Hillsborough County, home to Tampa.

In Pinellas County, west of Tampa, Republican turnout also was high compared to Democrats. The county is home to Crist’s seat in Congress.

The political climate might become even more dire for Democrats on Election Day: In previous elections, Democrats have traditionally voted early, with Republicans – who have eschewed voting by mail as unreliable – showing their highest turnouts on Election Day. It wasn’t clear why that pattern looks different so far this year, but the figures showed Republicans appear more comfortable casting ballots by mail.

There were signs of a Republican surge in South Florida in earlier elections. (more)

This shift within Miami-Dade is specifically attributable to Donald Trump and the America First MAGA agenda that resonates with working class people across all backgrounds.  The economics of the MAGA platform cuts through all social distinctions and generates a massive block of voters who understand how the Trump domestic economic platform has a positive impact on the lives of working-class Americans.

The MAGA movement has flipped the political dynamic.  The economics of the America First agenda unites everyone.

Making America Great Again benefits every working-class voter.

If there is going to be a red wave next week, the Tsunami will begin from the earthquake results in Florida politics.

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