McCarthy Fails Again on Ballot Number Six, House in Recess Until 8:00pm ET

Posted originally on the CTH on January 4, 2023 | Sundance 

There have been multiple times in the history of Congress when multiple ballots are required to nominate the House Speaker.  However, at no point in history has the same person failed to capture the majority on six ballots and remained determined to keep trying.

At this point, the hubris of Kevin McCarthy is becoming awkwardly embarrassing, which is to say, perfect.  Kevin McCarthy is becoming a human meme.

Well done rebels. Hold the line.

Six ballots with an almost identical outcome, yet California Representative Kevin McCarthy refuses to accept that no path to the speaker’s office exists despite him already moving in there.   Unless, and this is where it gets sketchy, the House votes to change the rules which would allow a plurality of the vote to determine the speaker…. which could happen.

After failing for the sixth time, the House Republican caucus requested an adjournment until 8:00pm tonight.  Democrats objected, but the Republicans won the voice vote.

You can read about the House Rebel Alliance caucus members HERE


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