Video – Day Two Speaker Drama, Kevin McCarthy Demands His Precious

Posted originally on the CTH on January 4, 2023 | Sundance 

Day two of the House Speaker battle is scheduled to begin at noon, maybe.  Amid the chaos “GOP leaders and aides were still deciding how to proceed on the floor on Wednesday. Top Republicans are giving little indication of any future speaker votes, how long the battle will last, or even whether they’ll hold conference meetings. It’s possible that the House could reconvene on Wednesday only to vote to punt further speaker votes until Thursday.

Kevin McCarthy is demanding the House Republicans give him his “precious,” an affectionate term for the speaker gavel that is in sight, but just out of reach.  Meanwhile, the conservative caucus is not flinching. “It may not happen on the day we want it, but it’s going to happen,” McCarthy said late Tuesday night.

As frustrated spectators CTH readers decry the visibility of the UniParty apparatus, yearning, thirsting for a bold contrast.  Well, finally 20 House Conservatives are delivering that battle, the big ugly, and I am happy to see this unfolding with all the brilliant and chaotic mess it deserves.  Fight on my friends, fight on.  WATCH: 


Let Day Two of the Big Ugly commence forthwith.


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