Day Three House Speaker Election Effort Closes with Ballot Eleven Failing to Deliver – House Adjourns Until Noon Tomorrow When Ballot #12 Will Be Attempted

Posted originally on the CTH on January 5, 2023 | Sundance

The eleventh round of votes for a House Speaker ended the same way as the ten before it.

Ballot round #11 fails. No majority speaker elected.

Rather than attempting to continue voting amid a landscape of futility, and without Kevin McCarthy accepting defeat in his life quest to be Speaker of The House, the chamber voted to adjourn.

Initially a voice vote on the adjournment failed, the democrats won and wanted to force the republicans to continue.  However, an electronic accounting of the yeas and nays resulted in a majority decision to adjourn until noon tomorrow, Friday, January 6th.

The backroom bartering and negotiations will now commence; drinks will be had, promises will be made, votes will be purchased, and perhaps a successful path toward a republican speaker will be found.  On the upside, for the past three days no taxpayer monies have been spent.

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