Groundhog Update- McCarthy Fails to Win Speaker Position During 8th, 9th and 10th Round of Ballots – Promises to Continue Until He Succeeds

Posted originally on the CTH on January 5, 2023 | Sundance

The tenth round of ballot counting continues in the House chamber. However, it looks like an 11th ballot will be necessary as Kevin McCarthy has failed, yet again, to gain the support of 21 House Republican holdouts.

Inside the beltway rumors have surfaced that after the 9th failed attempt, groundhog McCarthy exited the chambers, stepped outside, saw his shadow and thus predicted another six weeks of ballot counting was likely.  As noted by Politico, “the California Republican fell short in his bid for the speaker’s gavel in seventh, eighth, ninth, and now tenth ballots — a history-making stalemate that has paralyzed the party’s new majority.”

WASHINGTON DC – […] The next steps for McCarthy are unclear. GOP leadership is mulling trying to adjourn the chamber to give McCarthy more time to hold meetings and solidify a deal that they hope will win him the speaker’s gavel. But such a move would require help from Democrats or near unimity from Republicans, who only narrowly won an unruly vote Wednesday to adjourn for the night.

And Republicans are still trying to figure out if the glimmers of hope over the potential deal are just a mirage. McCarthy met nearly every one of the holdouts’ demands, but it’s not clear it will be enough to get him across the finish line. And in a slim majority, he can’t afford to alienate the other side of his conference, where centrists and institutionalists already have heartburn over the offered deal. (read more)

Voting continues.  Meme creators continue working overtime.

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