Sinaloa Drug Cartel Battles Mexican Military After Arrest of El Chapo Son, Oviddio Guzman-Lopez, Video

Posted originally on the CTH on January 6, 2023 | Sundance

How many months ago did CTH start saying ‘watch Mexico’? Having said that, what is unfolding right now in the battle between the Sinaloa cartel and the Mexican military is fraught with unknown variables and hidden U.S. interests.

Use the example of the U.S. manipulating Ukraine as the reference point for what is happening in Mexico right now with Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau scheduled to visit Mexico City in four days for the North American Summit.

It’s all sketchy. Do not formulate opinions because we have no idea how many peas and shells are being maneuvered by U.S. intelligence and national security state interests.

We are told the Mexican military arrested Ovidio Guzman-Lopez, the son of El Chapo, who it is claimed to be running the drug cartel Culiacan, Sinaloa state. Some form of Mexican or U.S. military unit, contractor or federal office with guns and big juice then transferred Ovidio Guzman-Lopez to Mexico City where the summit is supposed to take place.

The Sinaloa cartel has now begun a rampage of revenge across the Sinaloa state attacking, police, government buildings, transportation, airports and planes, setting vehicles ablaze and setting up roadblocks. At least seven Mexican security force personnel are reported to have been killed in clashes where the government was trying to retake control.  Eight civilians are also reported dead.

The battle between authorities and the Sinaloa cartel has seen the gang’s members open fire at army planes in an attack on Culiacan International Airport, with one seen using a 50-caliber sniper rifle to aim at jets.  The cartel has given the Mexican government a deadline of three days to return Guzman-Lopez before they declare war on the entire government and begin killing state and federal officials along with their families.

Should be a great North American summit, eh?   Again, just like the Ukraine issues as they unfolded, take nothing for granted, accept no media premise as promoted and question everything you might read about the events.  When U.S. political and intelligence interests are involved; ultimately, we have no idea who is doing what – and why?

Fox News began broadcasting events on Jesse Waters television show tonight. {Direct Rumble Link} – WATCH:

The cartels goes scorched earth on Mexico. They are officially at war.

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