Sunday Talks, Former DNI John Ratcliffe Gives Perspective on Biden Classified Document Issue

Posted originally on the CTH on January 15, 2023 | sundance

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe appeared on Fox News to discuss his perspective on the classified document scandal now making headlines.

Within his remarks, Ratcliffe gives perspective to the issue of classified documents and then contrasts the issue against the previous DOJ position against former President Donald Trump.  However, in the bigger picture the perspective is somewhat askew.

As we have noted from the outset of the Biden term, the installation always appeared to be a ‘one-term’ strategy. Meaning the people behind the installation were using Biden as a single term disposable front man to advance a rapid set of ideological policies.  The controversy of the classified documents facilitates the one term design.

With that approach in mind, the issue of contrast between the Biden documents and the Trump documents is a moot point.  What is done, or not done, regarding Joe Biden has no bearing on the roadmap of continued Trump targeting.  Biden is and was always disposable.  WATCH:


Remove the pretending and what you discover is a replay of DC political manipulation and the continuation of the two-party system around the illusion of choice.  The DNC wing is heading toward Gavin Newsom ’24, while the RNC wing is headed toward Ron DeSantis ’24.   Essentially a replay of 2016’s Hillary vs Jeb.

The UniParty vulture is predictable.   The RNC wing cares about money. The DNC wing cares about ideological power.

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