Senator John Fetterman Checks into Walter Reed Medical Center for Treatment of Clinical Depression

Posted originally on the CTH on February 16, 2023 | Sundance

The people who are behind Senator John Fetterman, those same who knew the severity of his condition after suffering a stroke last year, now present as sick, twisted and lusting for political influence.  Those are the toxic people who created this crisis; unfortunately, this seems to include Mr Fetterman’s wife.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania U.S. Senator John Fetterman has checked himself into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to receive treatment for clinical depression, according to Chief of Staff Adam Jentleson.

“While John has experienced depression off and on throughout his life, it only became severe in recent weeks,” said Jentleson.

Fetterman is receiving inpatient care and is receiving treatment on a voluntary basis, according to his office.

“After examining John, the doctors at Walter Reed told us that John is getting the care he needs, and will soon be back to himself.”  

Fetterman’s wife Gisele released a statement on Twitter Thursday afternoon saying she is proud of her husband and asked for privacy.

“After what he’s been through in the past year, there’s probably no one who wanted to talk about his own health less than John. I’m so proud of him for asking for help and getting the care he needs. This is a difficult time for our family, so please respect our privacy. (read more)

Heavenly Father, please protect those who are battling the inner demons of depression, loneliness, unworthiness, and hopelessness; the darkness of deceit is heavy upon them.

Lord God, creator of life and light, shine Your warmth upon Senator John Fetterman and those he loves.  Guide them to reject the whispers that come from within the shadows of evil and place the affirmation of Your unrelenting mercy upon them. 

Despite rejection, guide us through the inspiration of Your grace to find strength, purpose and power in our prayer for the Fetterman family.  We beg You to shield the hearts of the vulnerable and pull them closer to Your wings of protection.   

For all that is merciful, pure and true in Your name, we pray.

~ Amen.

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