Strange Stuff – Two Weeks After East Palestine Toxic Chemical Spill, EPA Administrator Tells CNN Site Not Safe for EPA Workers

Posted originally on the CTH on February 18, 2023 | Sundance

I missed this a few days ago; however, given the “official” narrative that East Palestine, Ohio, water and air are safe it seems rather contradictory for EPA Administrator Michael Regan to tell CNN’s Erica Hill two weeks later that things might not be safe for EPA officials.

I mean seriously, what the heck is the message here?  And the state and federal officials wonder why the residents of the area would have concerns about being told everything is safe.  In this soundbite (prompted to the question at 07:39) CNN’s Erica Hill speaks with EPA administrator Michael Regan and asks him if things are safe.  The hedge and qualifiers are off the charts alarming. WATCH:


Yikes.  Never has “we are from the government, and here to help” seemed sketchier.  Even the CNN lady doesn’t seem to be buying what EPA Administrator Regan is selling.

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