DC Report – Team Mitch McConnell Worried DeSantis Might Be Taking Too Long to Enter 2024 Race – FL Legislature Needs to Change Election Laws Quickly

Posted originally on the CTH on February 20, 2023 | Sundance

At this point it’s a little humorous to read the DC inside Republican narrative as they produce their DeSantis messaging.  The Hill has an article {SEE HERE} titled “GOP Impatience Grows for DeSantis to Make Move on Trump.”

However, political followers will notice the tell behind the story in the first few sentences:

(WASHINGTON DC) – Senate Republicans nervous about former President Trump’s lead in presidential primary polls are impatiently awaiting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to jump into the race.  

GOP lawmakers don’t expect DeSantis to make his move until after the Florida legislative session ends in early May, but the waiting game is playing on nerves, with some thinking DeSantis has lost political momentum since his big reelection win in November. (link)

Setting aside the reality that Ron DeSantis cannot run for office without first legally abdicating his role as governor, as required by Florida law, the “Senate Republicans” are “nervous.”  Gee, I wonder who those Senate Republicans might be.

Later in the DC script as written, “I suspect he is going to run. I’ve been told that he’s very focused right now — the Florida legislature is in session — he’s very focused on Florida issues,” Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) said of DeSantis, whom she called “the leader of the Republican Party” after he won an impressive reelection victory in November.”

Ah yes, so very focused on “Florida issues” that Governor Ron DeSantis is in New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois on his not-campaigning, campaigning tour.

The DC stenographers really need to work a little harder to cover the narrative.  Just saying.

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