Fox News Having Trouble Finding DeSantis Supporters in Florida for 2024 Presidential Run

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on February 28, 2023 | Sundance

Fox News has a big sad today.

CONTEXT – After months of promoting Ron DeSantis to become the 2024 GOP nominee, which includes the efforts of Rupert Murdoch (and family) via a multimillion-dollar Harper Collins book deal for the Florida governor; lengthy friendly interviews with DeSantis on every program; a full feature infomercial running on Fox News to present him to the national audience; attendance by key program pundits at DeSantis donor events and campaign organization meetings; weeks of specific messaging coordinated with board member Paul Ryan – and the consulting efforts of Karl Rove with the DeSantis operation; they are just not able to move the needle.

With the DeSantis book launch officially taking place today, Fox News Corp sends Brian Kilmeade to Florida to assist the DeSantis operation.  Producers used the entire Fox and Friends morning programming to support the intent and Ron DeSantis’s ‘big day’. [See Long Video Here]  However, when Brian Kilmeade broadcasts live from the Metro Diner in Ponte Vedra beach to promote the DeSantis narrative, the diners at the venue did not go along with the anticipated narrative. {Direct Rumble Link}

What follows in the live broadcast becomes a hilarious exhibition in how media-driven astroturf propaganda runs directly into the reality of the situation.  It really is quite funny to see the escalating desperation of Mr. Kilmeade as he asks whether the audience supports Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis for the 2024 GOP nomination and cannot find anyone who puts DeSantis first – even the lady wearing the DeSantis T-shirt supports Trump first. WATCH:

But wait, it gets better….. Even more funny.

Corporate Fox News is not going to give up, they had this whole production scripted.  Karl Rove who is a key consultant in the managing and branding effort, is left retreating to the narrative that DeSantis doesn’t need to do anything yet. {Direct Rumble Link} Watch below:

Rove is facing a big challenge. The Atwater-Rove days of gaslighting, manipulating and ultimately controlling the republican illusion of choice are in the rear-view mirror. The traditional mechanisms have collapsed and are no longer useful as the electorate have become more aware, and simultaneously the grassroots communication platforms have evolved.

Even extremely expensive political Astroturf is much harder now. People can just see through the issues and the fallacies are debunked in almost real time.

Rupert Murdoch has a sad.

Paul Ryan has a sad.

Karl Rove has a sad,….

…..and I’m over here enjoying every moment of it.

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