Tucker Carlson Interview With Elon Musk – Tonight 8:00pm ET

Posted originally on the CTH on April 17, 2023 | Sundance 

Consider this an open thread on this interview which will broadcast tonight at 8:00pm ET, along with a good preview by Tucker Carlson below.

The topic of Musk is interesting from multiple perspectives, particularly in an era of universal deceit, pretending and openly exposed manipulation of information by government and govt stakeholders.   I have my own keen reasons to watch the Musk dynamic closely, one of them pertains to the Twitter situation and what it means in the bigger sphere of communication.

Readers here will long remember my outline of the Twitter/Govt dynamic.  However, lesser focused is my empirical belief that a collaborative financial relationship, a subsidy of sorts, had to exist given the nature of both public and private enterprises.  The lesser discussed aspect to social media is the scale and cost of operations in proportion to the revenue the platforms can create.

Musk has essentially confirmed the basic premise I always believed about this public-private partnership; however, what has never been discussed is the financial subsidy for the data processing -and hardware- at scale.  People shrug off this part of the equation, but if you look at the financial moves Mr. Musk is making through the prism of trying to break free of a background financial dependency/subsidy, while simultaneously maintaining viable platform operations, then suddenly some of his moves make sense.

If you are watching the interview tonight, use this thread to share opinion, and I will update with video after broadcast.

PS. We have already peered into the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a decade ago presented the image of what it looks like.

If you think about it to context, everything comes together in this very predictable dynamic.

As we shared more than a decade ago, pictures are worth a multitude of words.

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