Sunday Talks – Florida Congressman Steube Explains Why the Congressional Delegation Will Not Support DeSantis

Posted originally on the CTH on April 23, 2023 | Sundance 

An increasingly larger audience is starting to realize what CTH outlined nine months ago as it relates to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  Had he chosen to remain a state leader, hopefully with increased focus on the economic issues that are crushing Floridians, most people would have kept biting their tongue.  However, once he openly began elevating himself beyond his state office, the truth about DeSantis was always going to come out.

In addition to other problems yet to be discussed, the personality characteristics of self-importance, arrogance, grandiosity and dismissal of people he considers less than, are major character defects within people who call themselves ‘leaders’.  Everyone in the orbit of Team DeSantis is disposable if they do not elevate his view of himself.

Florida Republican Congressman Greg Steube joins Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla for an interview about why the congressional delegation does not support DeSantis.  Steube’s outline of how Team DeSantis ignores everyone until they need something from them is the baseline for how Team DeSantis ignored the entire delegation for five years until they became worried about endorsements.  WATCH (prompted to 07:22):


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