Collapsing at Home, DeSantis Travels to Israel and Proclaims He Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, Not President Trump

Posted originally on the CTH on April 27, 2023 | Sundance 

This should be embarrassing, even for a seriously self-centered politician so filled with hubris and visions of grandeur that he cannot see anything except his own magnanimity.  Alas, for the Narcissus Top Gov and the branding organization behind him, no scale of hubris exclaimed is excessive enough.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was in Israel Thursday, doing the obligatory indulgency tour all Republican presidential candidates must undertake before they officially announce.  During his pre-planned events, DeSantis took credit for moving the U.S-Israel embassy to Jerusalem.

[…] DeSantis presented the Trump administration’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem as his own achievement, saying he worked to “cajole” the former president to make the move. He didn’t mention former President Trump by name. (link)


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had no independent source of wealth, prior to this 2024 endeavor and collaborative operation.  Together with the multinational financing operation around him, in combination with the Murdoch book deal and advance payment, the $300k Governor is now worth millions.  Funny how that happens.  It’s no wonder Casey is tiara shopping while Florida residents are crushed by skyrocketing housing, insurance, taxes, energy and other unavoidable costs of living.

“Bumped into”…. 

January 6, 2022

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