James Comer Pledges to Help Distract Americans from Title 42 Expiration and Border Swarm by Holding Press Conference With Explosive Hunter Biden Evidence Next Wednesday

Posted originally on the CTH on May 7, 2023 | Sundance 

If James Comer had a U.S. Marshals badge and a set of handcuffs I would be impressed.  Alas, unfortunately Comer is the Chairman of what… Yep, the House Oversight Committee, otherwise known as the “Chaff and Countermeasures Committee” famous for Fast n Furious investigations, IRS investigations, Benghazi investigations, and now Hunter Biden investigations.

For the non-pretending among us, an unfortunately very small – albeit intellectually superior rebel alliance, we can overlay the timing of James Comer’s “explosive” and scheduled Wednesday press conference with the DC motive to distract away from the U.S. southern border as Title 42 expires and a million illegal aliens invade. Perhaps the most obvious ‘chaff and countermeasures’ deployment this year.

If the material to present is as explosive and damning as a very excited James Comer proclaims, why wait?  Notice the emphasis on Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday:  WATCH:


All of what James Comer outlines is likely accurate and true, but keep in mind the DC UniParty has an alliance of interest.  (1) The Uniparty supports open borders (timing of this press conference); and (2) the UniParty supports the removal of Joe Biden (content of press conference).

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