Fearing Backlash and Florida Protests, Ron DeSantis Cancels Hometown Campaign Kickoff Event

Posted originally on the CTH on May 24, 2023 | Sundance 

The people managing Ron DeSantis previously planned to roll out his first in-person public appearance at a campaign kickoff next Tuesday at his childhood hometown in Dunedin, Florida. The team planned to use a little league field to represent the childhood background, apple pie and Americana image.

Dunedin is a Tampa Bay suburb where DeSantis grew up and played Little League baseball. However, fearing backlash from Floria Republicans who are not happy with the deceptive 2022 gubernatorial campaign, in combination with a much larger polling of support for candidate Donald Trump, the DeSantis organizers cancelled the event.

Apparently, it would not look good for Ron DeSantis to have a hometown public launch with more protestors against his self-serving campaign than supporters. Understanding the dynamic, the people managing DeSantis cancelled it.

Floridians have the DeSantis motives pegged now, thanks to the work of a few ¹industrious crackers.  His sunshine state polling is dropping like a rock, especially amid Latinos.

CNN — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is no longer planning to hold an event in his hometown of Dunedin as part of the formal launch of his campaign, a person with knowledge of the rollout plans told CNN.

Instead, after officially announcing his campaign for President Wednesday with Elon Musk on Twitter Spaces, the site’s audio platform, DeSantis is likely to hit the road and make appearances in the coming days in early nominating states.

It’s not yet clear if he plans to travel during Memorial Day weekend or start Tuesday after the holiday. He is scheduled to attend an event Thursday in Miami, where he has gathered fundraisers to begin soliciting donations for his campaign. (read more)


¹Sorry for the delayed posting today. Lots of sand put to good use. 😁

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