Robotic Technology The Does Exit Now

Robot Soldiers

Understand Quantum Theory

A very good job of trying to explain very complex and technical theory in these two videos

Quantum Mechanics Part II


Why The US Took So Long To Replace Space Shuttle’s Crew Capability

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A rough guide to the history of space shuttle replacements and evolutions which never came into being because of politics, budgets and (very rarely) technical problems. Sources:…

Boeing’s New Spacecraft Gets Lost On Way To Space Station

Boeing’s Starliner has been designed and built for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, intended to provide ‘taxi’ services for astronauts to the International Space Station. Today was the first full flight test, launching on board an Atlas V from Cape Canaveral the initial flight was flawless. However after separation the spacecraft got confused and maneuvered incorrectly, burning through fuel needed for the rendezvous. Ultimately the spacecraft was recovered by it was no longer in the correct orbit and at this time space station docking has been ruled out. The vehicle will be tested on orbit to make sure all the systems operated correctly before the Starliner returns and lands at White Sands on Sunday. John Kraus’s launch photos can be found here:…

Y2K & the Two-Digit Date Systems



Was Y2K a possible problem ?

I was programmer then systems programmer and Senior programmer for several companies in the late 1960’s into mid 1970’s. Indeed our records did have just a 2 digit year in all records.

Of course technology improved and and space would have become less important and history would suggest that the problem was foreseen and handled significantly.

Was that guaranteed ?

Of course not.

REPLY: There were computer systems that were the old system based only on a two-digit date. Those systems were predominantly the problem, but they were exaggerated to make it seem that the entire computer world would crash. So in that respect, I was wrong in not addressing the old two-digit systems. They were the minority

Every Chinese Rocket Design Explained!

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China is now the number one nation in terms of rocket launches, with most of its launchers tracing their design heritage back to the Dong Feng 5 ICBM. This includes the Long March 2, 3 & 4 – all propelled by YF-20 family Engines burning UDMH & NTO The Newer Long March 5,6 &7 all use new cryogenic propulsion systems. Long March 11 is a solid rocket based system. More info at:…)…

Will New Glenn be the KING of Heavy Lift Rockets?

Blue Origin, perhaps the sleeping giant of the aerospace industry, will be going from a tiny suborbital rocket, to one of the biggest rockets ever made… Today, we’re finally going to do a quick rundown on Blue Origin, talk about their upcoming New Glenn rocket and then compare it to some of the other Heavy Lift Launchers it will be competing against. Want sources and a full article about this video? Here you go! –…


SpaceX’s Starship Popper – Starship Mk1 Ruptures Tank During Test

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The partially completed Mk1 Starship at SpaceX’s Boca Chica facility was undergoing tank pressure tests when the top few meters of the rocket exploded off and were propelled about 100 meters into the sky. Footage of the RUD was captured by LabPadre and @BocaChicaMaria1 and it shared here:… The failure happened under high tank pressure, the forward LOX tank unzipped along the circumferential weld line, resulting in the bulkhead being propelled upwards while the pressure change propagated downwards and damaged the lower parts of the vehicle. The project is in the process of building other test vehicles with improved fabrication techniques, but this will no doubt result in slowed progress. Images of the event and the aftermath by: