US to Review Visa Waivers for the EU

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The United States is now reviewing the Visa Waiver Program for the European Union. The entire problem has been the porous borders of Europe created by Merkel’s unilateral decision to accept refugees which was NEVER put to a vote for all of Europe. Brussels has simply been dictated to by Merkel and then imposed her unilateral decision as mandatory upon the whole of Europe. This has resulted in more than 20 terror attacks in France alone.

European visitors to the USA have had easier access to the country for years. Now, Home Secretary John Kelly has explained that a review is absolutely necessary as foreign fighters from the Islamic state return to Europe and try to travel to the US. Donald Trump had already announced this measure several weeks ago. Nevertheless, with the EU entrenched in its refugee crisis and evidence has surfaced that Merkel’s opening of the flood gates allowed terrorists to freely enter.

If the USA wiped out the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, this will only raise retaliation attempts against the USA. The threat of the terrorist groups worldwide using Europe to get into the USA as the mercenaries with European citizenship will cause a major diplomatic crisis. It is a concern that is equally shared behind the curtain by the European allies. A significant number of fighters have already been scheming ways to get into Europe and to make the trip to the USA under EU passports.

This entire program is now coming under review. What Markel has done is seriously disrupting all of Europe and the protecting of one’s borders has been a major issue in Britain as well as France.

Belgium, Spain, France, the UK, Austria, Italy and Germany, as well as foreign countries such as Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Chile and Japan are part of the visa exemption program. People from these countries are not exempted if they also have dual citizenship from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Sudan. Trump has already signed a decree making the issue of temporary visas more difficult for foreign professionals. There is no easy solution because the security of one nation can be undermined by one guard in another country that is bribed to allow someone to enter Europe. Unless every country undergoes its own review, security can be undermined rather easily.

The terrorists are using a compound called triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, a crystalline powder that is a nightmare to terrorists as well as authorities. It is an unstable white powder or acetone peroxide triacetone triperoxide. It is actually easy to make and very hard to detect. The nightmare is this compound is highly unstable. In fact, all it takes is a firm tap to explode this compound with the force of about 80% as strong as that of TNT. The terrorists call it “the Mother of Satan.”

The “shoe bomber” used TATP back in 2001, as did terrorists in London both in 2005 and 2006. This was also the compound used in bombs detonated at the University of Oklahoma back in 2005 and Texas City in 2006. It was also used in the terrorist attacks in Paris and the Brussels airport.

The 2015 Russian plane that blew up with just two pounds of explosives was also probably TATP. This incident raised serious new threats. The Metrojet attack introduced a key vulnerability of all airports: the risk not from passengers but from airport staff. If investigators are right and militants did use sympathetic ground staff to smuggle the bomb on board Metrojet Flight 9268, then that might not be just a Egyptian or Sharm el-Sheikh problem; it could be a global problem. The Somali bomb was  an explosive device built into a laptop computer that detonated on a Somali passenger jet which was very “sophisticated” and got past X-ray machines at the Mogadishu airport. There were concerns that that too was an inside job.

The major crisis that is brewing in travel remains that starting in 2018, the need for security may find a lot more restrictions upon travel.

Terrorism Strikes The Heart of Paris, Again…

Media are reporting that at least one police officer had been killed and at least two others seriously wounded by two Kalashnikov-wielding gunmen on the Champs Elysees in central Paris tonight.

French authorities have stated the incident was probably a ‘terrorist act’ and the famous venue was on lockdown by 9pm as heavily armed officers flooded the area. Another individual – believed to be the killer – was killed, according to police sources.

Reports suggest ‘at least’ two shooters were involved in the attack which took place as presidential candidates took part in a TV debate nearby before Sunday’s election.

A Very Deliberate and Structured Secretary Rex Tillerson Discusses Iran…

No event is happening in a vacuum.  It is critical to emphasize this basic point when evaluating the foreign policy of President Trump and his administration.  There is a very well planned multidimensional construct within the sequencing of individual events which shows a policy thread weaving throughout.

The challenging aspect for most of the current U.S. electorate, and specifically those who follow politics closely, is the Trump administration’s position to not publicly espouse targeted and strategic policy objectives.

This deliberate yet not publicly promoted approach is a paradigm shift for those who reference modern diplomatic politics through the prism of past doctrines and their public advancement.  The Trump foreign policy approach is a planned, deliberate, consequential, and intentionally quiet undertaking.

That LOOK !

The Trumpian approach is becoming increasingly easier to see. However, it is not the typical approach customary amid politicians who use momentary events to elevate the appearance of their self-importance.

Quite the contrary, with the Trump team each action and participant provides visible dots, but the administration intentionally does not connect those dots for the media or the consuming public – or trumpet their importance.

The Administrations’ focus is on the ultimate outcome each individual event brings to the aggregate conclusion. ie. ‘the goal’; and not on the individual elements as they are assembled.

The background of the ‘Freedom Alliance’ stands as a baseline for understanding Trump’s mid-east policy goals –Review Here- And far below the media radar this quiet coalition approach continues:  •Yesterday and today Defense Secretary James Mattis is in Saudi Arabia discussing U.S. regional policy intended toward the larger aspects of stability. •Yesterday the U.S. State Department released a JCPOA statement.  •Earlier today, Secretary Tillerson spoke at a U.S. Saudi Economic Summit (remarks here).

Secretary of State Tillerson then delivers very deliberate remarks specifically focused on Iran, its ongoing nuclear program, sanctions and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).



Small people, small pundits and disconnected MSM opposition to Trump, bite at these individual moments to frame a narrative that Trump policy seems like more of the same type of interventionism. However, the reality is 180° divergent.

The larger objectives of each element is toward an outcome where the U.S. does NOT intervene, does not exhaust military action, but rather manages a process of stability through maximum diplomatic and economic leverage.

It is really quite remarkable, and more importantly it’s working:

♦ The number of NATO countries now fulfilling their defense spending obligations has increased from 3 to 5, with all nations agreeing to reach the compliant 2% GDP spending within 12 months.

♦ NATO and EU countries now emboldened to stand up to Russia.

♦ Russia has become more isolated and somehow, f**king incredibly, President Trump has cut the cord connecting Russia and China.

♦ China abstained, and did not veto, a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Bashir Assad in Syria.  Russia became isolated in their veto position and only Bolivia would concur.

♦ U.N. and international leadership praise Trump administration position of taking a hardline on chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

♦ Russian Vladimir Putin refused to meet Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, then abruptly did an about face after the G-7 meeting with T-Rex – because Russia’s influence was being further reduced and Putin felt threatened by diminishment.

♦ President Trump announces he will not label China as a currency manipulator.  China has made no efforts to manipulate their currency since the Nov 8th, 2016, election.

♦ China turns back 12 North-Korean cargo ships laden with coal.

♦ China offsets N-Korean coal refusal with increased purchases of coking coal (steel-making) from the U.S.

♦ China halts direct air travel between Beijing and Pyongyang.

♦ China begins oil and fuel embargo of exports to North Korea.

♦ Stunningly, China announces their willingness to consider “Five Party Talks” about the denuclearization of North Korea without the government of Pyongyang at the table.  (China, Russia, U.S., Japan and South Korea)

None of these outcomes are delivered through the continuance of Bush/Obama/Clinton foreign policy of interventionism.  Each of these outcomes is occurring because of talks, leverage and alignment of economic influence on a larger scale than the individual interests of the countries involved.

[…] “I fully trust the capabilities of President Trump … he can succeed in so many fields that others cannot.  I trust him wholeheartedly.”…

~ Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Pretty darned remarkable.

Erdogan Seizes Total Control of Turkey


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has achieved his dictator status which was his long-held ambition to expand his powers after the referendum handed him the reins of supreme power. However, the integrity of the vote is seriously questioned and the slim victory of just 51.4% approving a series of constitutional changes converting Turkey’s political system from a parliamentary to a presidential one, means there is going to be tension in Turkey looking forward. There will be no real checks and balances in place.

The opposition parties naturally called for the vote to be annulled because of a series of irregularities, The electoral board decision to accept ballots that did not bear official stamps has really called into question did the people really vote for this dramatic change.

The press in Turkey, like in Europe and America, seems to be just political propaganda always supporting whatever the government wants. Erdogan used his full powers of the state and government to dominate the airwaves and billboards while the opponents complained of intimidation, detentions and beatings. His response to the critics tyook the position that Turkey’s referendum was “the most democratic election … ever seen in any Western country.”

In Istanbul, there were protests chanting “thief, murderer, Erdogan” while banging pots and pans. The opposition, which is nearly 50% of the country, do not believe the votes were even real. Of course, Erdogan rejected all criticism as he spoke to flag-waving supporters in the Turkish capital, Ankara that were arranged and staged giving the airs of North Korea.

You can see Erdogan ‘s vision of resurrecting the Ottoman Empire hidden in his words. “The crusader mentality attacked us abroad. … We did not succumb. As a nation, we stood strong.”

Fall of Constantinople

ConstantineXI(1453)QuaterHyperThe  Ottoman Empire lasted for two cycle intervals of 309.6 years beginning about 1302 and its fall was 1922/1923. This attempt to resurrect it has come right on target – two intervals of Pi 31.4 years or 2016/2017. The next target is 2018/2019, which will be 18 intervals of Pi from the fall of Constantinople in 1453 with the last Emperor – Constantine XI (1448-1453). The war cycle seems to be working on time as this is lining up with that model pinpointing 2020.

The problem with Erdogan is he still lives in the past and believes in the battle of Conquest for power to him is defined by territory possessed. This was his objective to removing Parliament and seeking full dictatorial power.

Turkey’s President Erdogan Gains More Power in Narrow Referendum Victory…

Turkish President Recep Erdogan is quick to declare victory today, albeit by a narrow margin, as a national referendum to consolidate power passes during a national vote.

[…]  The 18 constitutional amendments that will come into effect after the next election, scheduled for 2019, will abolish the office of the prime minister and hand sweeping executive powers to the president. –link

Having watched the Erdogan objectives play out over the past six to eight years the approach he has taken has been highly effective.

Erdogan essentially imported a base of support consisting of mostly Muslim Brotherhood political supporters to aid his desire to transform Turkey from a secular nation into a more Islamic dictatorial endeavor.

He may never fully achieve the goal of recreating the Ottoman Empire, but that doesn’t mean there is going to be anything less than toxic turmoil ahead for Turkey and the EU as his endeavors continue to be successful.

A decade or two from now when our children look back upon the period from 2010 to 2020 there will be a rather obvious similarity between the rise of Erdogan to power and the rise of Libya’s Muamar Qaddafi.

Both power-hungry nuts utilized immigration to construct their objectives, and both were national gatekeepers. Qaddafi held power over Europe via the North African migration gate, and Erdogan gaining power over Europe through the use of the Mid-East gate.

As stated, we’ve watched this play out for years and predictably it’s all very obvious and available to connect via mostly open-sourced information.

Recep Erdogan knew he would not be able to accomplish his long term objectives without a fundamental transformation of the voting base in Turkey.  It is somewhat analogous to the Democrats political objectives with open-border migration from South American and Mexico into the U.S.

One of the more obvious points of reference which evidenced this approach was when Erdogan provided safe harbor for the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, as a terrorist network, after the Gulf States finally kicked them out of Qatar.

The Brotherhood leadership was exiled into Qatar from Egypt following the removal of Mohammed Morsi.  After approximately three years of launching the political narrative to protect their terrorist activity from Qatar, the Gulf States finally agreed it was no longer acceptable -or in their best interests- to allow the Brotherhood hospice there.

Recep Erdogan immediately stepped-up and provided them a home.

BidenObama Erdogan - Turkey

A second, accidental, and almost rather humorous event of reference, happened in October 2014 against the backdrop of the battle over Kobani Syria when Vice-President Joe Biden accidentally stated in public that it was Erdogan’s specific activity that was supporting the rise of ISIS in Syria as a means toward his own political ends.

Vice-President Biden told an open audience that Recep Erdogan was specifically responsible for the rise of ISIS, and that Turkey had actually armed ISIS and aided them.

The date was October of 2014 and Joe was completely “off the range“, I mean he was way outside the official White House wire and telling the entire world how President Recep Erdogan was duplicitous in the rise of ISIS.   (There’s Video Here)

Of course anyone who was well researched and up to speed knew it was all true.  But boy howdy did the White House and MSM need to go quick to the teletype to get control of that little slip; NATO supporting ISIS?… ya don’t say.

And that’s the big problem moving foward, Turkey is a part of NATO.  This play’s nicely for Erdogan as NATO provides him the cover for his continued abuse of Europe via his control of the migration gates, and turns the EU into co-dependents for their own demise.

As much as we dislike Erdogan and can see the final products coming to fruition, there is a part of the political review that must accept his modern approach at gaining incredible power and influence as rather smart from a geo-political and strategic point of view.

So long as no-one in the EU is strong enough to stand up to Turkey and demand their ouster from NATO, the shield provided by the alliance is actually empowering him.  It’s a rather unique approach amid dictatorial power assembly in the modern era.

No-one can ever predict the future of such regional issues with any degree of certainty, but the future of non-Islamic fundamentalist citizens in Turkey looks incredibly bleak.

…. complete with a massive $400 million white marble palace built for a king.

Erdogan’s 2015 completed $400 million white marble palace residence




Step back and stay cool!

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The more things change the more they stay the same – APRIL 9, 2017

InfoWars takes a look back at the first chemical attack in Syria in 2013 and compares it to the latest attack in 2017.

Watch Alex Jones’ Analysis: Russia Warns Of All Out War As MSM Attacks Official Story

Also watch Darrin McBreen and Rob Dew’s breakdown on How To Recognize War Propaganda:

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Here it is . . . 100% Undeniable Proof

But you can’t be peaceful if you are a Muslim!

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SIS Attacks US-Led Base In Southern Syria, As Assad Said To Use White Phosphorus

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With the US now engaged in military conflict with, and targeting Syrian army forces, what the Trump administration has (un)wittingly done is provide support to Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and al-Nusra and other terrorist forces, all of which have been engaging with the Assad regime in a fight in which the Syrian president has gradually seen the tide of war turn in his favor. At least until last Friday’s US cruise missile attack that is.

Which is why it should probably come as no surprise that, emboldened by US actions, moments ago the WSJ reported that Islamic State militants attacked a US-led coalition base (at least we now have official confirmation that there are US military bases in Syria) in southern Syria on Saturday, “triggering a fierce fight that required coalition airstrikes to repel, U.S. military officials said Sunday.”

The complex attack began on Saturday when Islamic State fighters detonated a vehicle bomb at a base in al-Tanf, a town in southern Syria along the Jordan border used by American special operation forces and Syrian rebels working with the U.S. coalition, the officials said.

Between 20 and 30 Islamic State fighters, including some with suicide vests, then attacked the base, which is a staging ground and training facility for the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels.

As the WSJ adds, Coalition forces and Syrian rebels engaged in firefights with the attackers and then called in airstrikes to repel the attack, officials said.

Luckily, there was no word of any American fatalities in the attack, although next time the US forces on the ground may not be so lucky, and the resulting media storm would prompt a full reappraisal of Trump’s action which by weakening Assad implicitly and directly is boosting the relative strength of the Islamic State.

The Islamic State attack comes as the U.S. military is deepening its presence in Syria as part of an intensifying campaign to drive the extremist group from its de facto capital in Raqqa. For weeks, the U.S. military has been strengthening its presence along the Jordan-Syria border, according to U.S. and Jordanian officials.

* * *

Meanwhile, confirming that the US is not nearly close done bombing Assad, on Sunday the Qatar-owned (the country which at long last hopes to have its gas pipeline cross Syria to Europe) Al Jazeera, reported that Syrian jets have bombed the town of Idlib using White Phosphorus.

One almost wonders what must have gone through the head of the Al Jazeera producers when told to report on such a story.

One thing we can imagine, however, is sequence of thoughts inside Assad’s head: “Well, I just got bombed by the US and I will surely get bombed even more at even the slightest additional provocation that can be splashed across the front pages of western newspaper. So… yes, brilliant idea – I will use a banned, toxic substance – White Phosphorus – and hope it appears on all media channels around the developed world, just to make sure the next US airstrike aims right for my palace.”

Sure, why not.

Expect to hear much more about white phosphorus in the coming days: it will be the “catalyst” for the next round of Syrian airstrikes.

Sentenced To Death For “Insulting Islam”

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Authored by Majid Rafizadeh via The Gatestone Institute,

  • Can you imagine making a joke and facing death as a result?
  • “During his interrogation, Sina was told that if he signed a confession and repented, he would be pardoned and let go,” said the source in an interview with CHRI on March 21, 2017. “Unfortunately, he made a childish decision and accepted the charges. Then they sentenced him to death.” “Later he admitted that he signed the confession hoping to get freed,” said the source. “Apparently the authorities also got him to confess in front of a camera as well.” — Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI).
  • When the Islamists gain power, they immediately create their own “judiciary system” in order to “legitimize” their implementation of sharia law. In fact, the judiciary system is used less as a tool for bringing people to justice, and more as a tool to suppress freedom of speech and of the press.

To radical Islamist groups, Islam is not a religion which all are free to pursue; it is a weapon. It is the most powerful tool that can be wielded with manipulative skill to control entire populations. Beneath their fierce rule, every aspect of daily life is dictated. What is worn, what is eaten, what you say and what you write are all scrutinized; violations of these stringent laws are met with extreme punishments. Can you imagine making a joke and facing death as a result? Can you imagine the constant fear of doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing, when you have seen people beaten, stoned, or killed in the street for nothing more than a mild transgression?

Freedom of speech and press are the Islamists’ top enemies. They are targeted on a regular basis, making it difficult or impossible for the truth to be revealed to the world. While others may take their privacy for granted, the people living under this kind of tyranny must think about everything they say and do. Sometimes even the bravest of souls turn away in the face of such intimidation. Can it really be as restrictive as described? Yes, and far worse than you can imagine.

Sina Dehghan, 21, for example, was arrested by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) when he was 19 for “insulting Islam”. Charges were brought against him for insulting the Prophet Muhammad on the messaging app LINE.

Related Video Few Muslims Are In US Politics — And It’s Not Getting Better

According to the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI):

“During his interrogation, Sina was told that if he signed a confession and repented, he would be pardoned and let go,” said the source in an interview with CHRI on March 21, 2017.

“Unfortunately, he made a childish decision and accepted the charges. Then they sentenced him to death.” “Later he admitted that he signed the confession hoping to get freed,” said the source. “Apparently the authorities also got him to confess in front of a camera as well.”

Such a sentence may seem like madness, but in fact there is a cold and calculated pattern to these actions. When extremist Muslims gain power, they immediately create their own “judiciary system” in order to “legitimize” their implementation of sharia law. This judiciary system is, in fact, used less as a tool for bringing people to justice, and more as a tool to suppress freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Once this silence is ensured, they are able to oppress the entire society, restrain any budding opposition, imprison and torture innocent people and sentence thousands to death.

Sina Dehghan, 21, has been sentenced to death in Iran for “insulting Islam”. There are many people like him in Iran who are currently imprisoned, tortured on a daily basis, or awaiting their execution for “insulting Islam”, “insulting the prophet”, “insulting the Supreme Leader” — the examples are endless. (Image source: Center for Human Rights in Iran)

By imprisoning, torturing and hanging idealistic and rebellious young people, the ruling politicians and the Islamist judiciary system are using them as an example to send a message to millions of people that they will not tolerate anyone who opposes their religious or political view.

Radical Islamist groups have been using the same tactic in other nations to impose fear and shock in the public. They aim at silencing people and making them subservient. Once they have control, they will stop at nothing to keep it.

For the Islamists, once you submit to their religion, your freedom of speech and of the press belong to Allah. Your only job is to exercise silence and obedience, and follow your religious leader, imam, sheikh, or velayat-e faqih (“guardianship of the Islamic jurist”).

As the Center for Human Rights in Iran pointed out:

“Security and judicial authorities promised Sina’s family that if they didn’t make any noise about his case, he would have a better chance of being freed, and that talking about it to the media would work against him,” added the source. “Unfortunately, the family believed those words and stopped sharing information about his case and discouraged others from sharing it as well.” “Sina is not feeling well,” continued the source. “He’s depressed and cries constantly. He’s being held in a ward with drug convicts and murderers who broke his jaw a while ago.”

For the ruling Islamists, it does not matter if you have been a loyalist all your life. If you speak up or oppose them just once, you will be eliminated. As CHRI quoted one source: “He was a 19-year-old boy at the time (of his arrest) and had never done anything wrong in his life.”

One of Dehghan’s co-defendants, Mohammad Nouri, was also sentenced to death for posting anti-Islamic comments on social media. Another co-defendant, Sahar Eliasi, was sentenced to seven years, and later the sentence was reduced to three years.

What does the term “anti-Islamic” mean exactly in an Islamist judiciary system? If it carries a death sentence, you might assume that the parameters of the law would be well outlined. However, that is not the case. For the ruling Islamists, the term “anti-Islamic” is completely ambiguous and subjective, and can relate to anything that opposes their view or their power. What might seem like an innocent remark, could change a life forever.

If they are such violent and oppressive people, you might wonder how they are ever able to gain power. They do this through manipulation, charm and countless false promises.

Some radical Islamists, before they gain power, promise people equality, justice, peace, and a far better life. They appeal to the young, to the traditional, and to the hopeful. But once they seize power, they close an iron grip around any and all freedoms, available to their people — in particular freedom of speech.

Once radical Islam has gained power, established its own judiciary system, or infiltrated the legal system with its sharia law, no one is capable of criticizing the government or the political establishment. In a social order ruled by radical Islam, the government is Islam; the government is the representative of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad. Ruling politicians who decide the laws are “divine” figures supposedly appointed by God. They are not to be questioned.

There are many people like Sina Dehghan who are currently imprisoned, tortured on a daily basis, or awaiting their execution for “insulting Islam”, “insulting the prophet”, “insulting the Supreme Leader” — the examples are endless. The issue is that we do not hear about these cases. Some media outlets refuse to report on them in order to appease the Islamic Republic of Iran — just further proof of how coercive their power can be. The only way to reduce it — and the oppression and slaughter of so many people — is to bring attention to the human rights abuses conducted under the Islamic banner of religious “legitimacy ” and “authenticity”.

This type of tyranny is a danger, not just for those enduring it, but for the world.

Christian Churches the Target of Terror Attacks in Egypt


The brewing violence on religious grounds is stirring to say the least. In Egypt, bomb attacks at two Coptic churches carried out by suicide bombers with at least 36 people killed on Palm Sunday (Palmsonntag) and more than 100 were injured. This is the most serious attacks on the Christian minority in Egypt in many years and will no doubt lead to more religious civil unrest.

The first church to be hit was St. Georg in the northern Egyptian city of Tanta where at least 25 people were killed and 78 injured. The terrorists used the Christian holiday to make sure they killed as many Christians as possible. St. George is the largest Christian church in the region of the Nile Delta. Videos streaming on the Internet and broadcast on TV showed a blood-stained ground.

The Video was taken by others cheering and the Cross was toppled from the Church as they yelled “Allahu Akbar“, which is not going to be good moving forward in time.