First Muslim Congresswoman Rashinda Tlaib: “We’re Going to Go In There and Impeach The Motherfucker”…

Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib was sworn in today as one of the first Muslim women in Congress.  As a self-described Palestinian-American she represents Detroit and the surrounding suburbs, and is being heralded as the new voice of the Democrat party.

To highlight Representative Tlaib’s professional and political ideology; and showcase the progressive resistance intent her regional constituency provides to the United States Congress; Ms. Tlaib delivered the following message to her enthusiastic supporters:


Yes, this is the modern professional Democrat party:

“We’re going to impeach the motherfucker”.

Back-up video, in case YouTube deletes original.


Decepticon Senator Mitt Romney Given Seat on Foreign Relations Committee…

A predictable assignment for a Decepticon tool placed to protect the interests of the multinationals.

A committee position on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee ensures that Mittens can prosper from the indulgences of foreign lobbying efforts.

WASHINGTON DC – Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) is getting a high-profile perch as he joins the Senate during his latest clash with President Trump.

Romney was named on Thursday to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, giving him an opening to wade into several looming foreign policy battles between Congress and the White House.

Romney had reportedly expressed an interest in gaining a seat on the committee, where two Republican members retired at the end of the last Congress, opening up space on the panel.  (read more)


Not Senator McSally….

Senator Sinema:


As many may reference, when CTH notes an opposition member with exceptional agitprop skills -regardless of opinion toward them as an opponent- CTH gives them credit.  This is very well played.  Ms. Sinema has intelligent political skills.

It is a skill few have mastered:  Take every aspersion cast against you; embrace them with humor; amplify them in your own way; and then turn the outcome to your advantage.  President Donald Trump also has this political skillset

Resistance Day #1 – Speaker Nancy Pelosi Takes Control of House of Representatives…

Today the official first day of the 116th congressional session begins with Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi taking control over the House of Representatives. Speaker Pelosi delivers the first of many speeches to her audience.