“White Privilege” Training Compares Teachers to KKK

PEG (Pacific Education Group) training is insane the people that dream this crap up should be in prison for what they are doing to the kids.

Delusional Nonsense From Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

If any of those in the Green Movement could actually use their brains the green movement would never have started. Almost all of what the say or do defies any logic or the ability to reason.


By Paul Homewood

h/t Paul2



Ambrose Evans-Pritchard often writes about the forthcoming demise of fossil fuels, but he has really excelled himself this time, with such delusional reporting that about the only thing he has got right is his name.

The political noose is tightening on the global fossil fuel industry. It is a fair bet that world leaders will agree this year to impose a draconian “tax” on carbon emissions that entirely changes the financial calculus for coal, oil, and gas, and may ultimately devalue much of their asset base to zero.

The International Monetary Fund has let off the first thunder-clap. An astonishing report – blandly titled “How Large Are Global Energy Subsidies” – alleges that the fossil nexus enjoys hidden support worth 6.5pc of world GDP.

This will amount to $5.7 trillion in 2015, mostly due to environmental costs and damage to health, and mostly…

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Almost Friday Funny – Tesla is apparently recharging ’emissions free’ electric cars with a diesel generator

No comments are possible that make any sense of this!

Watts Up With That?

Bishop Hill points us to this video of the Tesla Supercharging station at the Harris Ranch exit of Interstate 5 in California. He writes: “How can one resist posting a video of Tesla electric cars being recharged (so it is claimed) using a diesel generator? These people love the environment you see.”

The video shows a portable diesel generator next to the charging station and some Tesla automobiles. Watch this short video:

The video is captioned: Teslas charging off a diesel generator behind the Harris Ranch battery swap station. Filmed by Edward Niedermeyer on 5/22/2015 at Harris Ranch, CA as part of Daily Kanban’s investigation into Tesla’s battery swap program.

At first I thought maybe this was simply a backup generator for power outages, then I dug deeper. It seems the charging station is a converted car wash at the Shell gas station there. It turns out that it is…

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Science fraud

Hey it sounds just like the dog eat my homework excuse!


Steven Hayward has a good article on the difficulties of detecting and policing scientific fraud.

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Freeman Dyson is fearless, like many of us old guys, but he’s smarter

Can’t argue with Dyson unless you were a fool like those in the Obama administration


He is interviewed on the current debate and creates some real problems for the warmers. How unfortunate for them.

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Science: in the doghouse(?)

Sadly it maybe to little to late COP21 is almost here!

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

One of the most sensitive issues in science today: the idea that something has gone fundamentally wrong with one of our greatest human creations. – Richard Horton

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NOAA Forecast: A below-normal Atlantic Hurricane Season is likely this year

The only way this can be true is if the GCM’s are wrong and that would mean their theory is wrong — lets hope they don’t send the air force into the gulf or the Atlantic to try and seed a hurricane!

Watts Up With That?

Hurricane forecasting evolving with new storm surge products, upgraded modeling

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center says the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season will likely be below-normal, but that’s no reason to believe coastal areas will have it easy.

For the hurricane season, which officially runs from June 1 to November 30, NOAA is predicting a 70 percent likelihood of 6 to 11 named storms (winds of 39 mph or higher), of which 3 to 6 could become hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or higher), including zero to 2 major hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5; winds of 111 mph or higher). While a below-normal season is likely (70 percent), there is also a 20 percent chance of a near-normal season, and a 10 percent chance of an above-normal season.

“A below-normal season doesn’t mean we’re off the hook. As we’ve seen before, below-normal seasons can still produce catastrophic impacts to communities,” said…

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Sea Ice Extent – Day 146 – Antarctic Sets 57th Daily Record – 11th Highest Global Sea Ice For This Day

This is what is real not what we are being told by the progressives

sunshine hours

57th Daily Record for Antarctic – 1.43 million above the 1981-2010 mean. – Above 2 standard deviations.

11th Highest Global Sea Ice For This Day 


South / North

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No, The Polar Ice Caps Are Not Disappearing Katherine

Reality has no meaning to those that have bought into the lie!

Real Science

Several times a day, news reports go out that the polar ice caps are melting, and it is drowning Pacific islanders. As with everything else related to this scam, it is complete BS.

Arctic sea ice extent is almost identical to twenty years ago.

ScreenHunter_1992 May. 27 07.42Daily Arctic Sea Ice Maps

Arctic sea ice is closely tracking 2006, the year with the highest summer minimum from the past decade.

ScreenHunter_1993 May. 27 07.44Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Greenland has gained 500 billion tons of ice since September, and the melt season there is almost a month late

ScreenHunter_1994 May. 27 07.53Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

Temperatures on the Greenland Ice Sheet are extremely cold, and scientists there are getting buried in snow and ice

ScreenHunter_1995 May. 27 07.56summit:status:webcam

The amount of sea ice on Earth has been running above normal for the past two years.

iphone.anomaly.global (1)iphone.anomaly.global.png (512×412)

Temperatures on the Antarctic Ice Sheet are incredibly cold

ScreenHunter_1996 May. 27 07.59


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Climate Change – Maybe, Just Maybe, It’s Because Their Argument Is Unsound

Its been taught in the grad schools for decades now virtually everyone under 30 believes that we need sustainability (because of too much carbon) with in a few more years the majority of the citizens will agree to anything to save the planet and the polar bears.

PA Pundits - International

Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Mark Steyn on the despair of the warmists:

Global Warming meltdownThe hysteria of Mann-style alarmism is going nowhere with the public, as one of the hysterics in Australia, Graeme Richardson, acknowledges here:

The sceptics and deniers have turned the 70 per cent-plus belief in climate change into a minority because no one has engaged them.

As my distinguished co-author on Climate Change: The Facts, Jo Nova, responds:

That’s right Graham, we unfunded bloggers and the few surviving skeptical scientists not evicted and blackballed from our universities (yet) have tricked 20% of the population because no one has put forward the climate change arguments except for: The Climate Commission, CSIRO, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Royal Dutch Shell, GE, Panasonic, The ABC, The BBC, The Guardian, Fairfax, The Australian government, most universities, The EU, The UN, The World Bank, and the IMF.

Not to mention President Obama and the US Coast…

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