What’s REALLY happening in Sweden?

Sweden has more than just a problem they are in a death spiral to becoming an Islamic state. I can’t see how they can prevent it without a major civil war.

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Trump was right. Sweden has massive problems with immigration. Debate over.


Pinned by Paul Joseph Watson
I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is even worse than you can imagine! Now in 2017 native Swedes have for the first time become a minority among newborns in the city. This is from a 100% Swedish city just 30 years ago. The city is extremely segregated, the leftist upper middle class white people live in segregated suburbs where they never have to meet a single migrant and can keep voting for the muslim party (“miljö partiet”) without facing the conequences. At least untill very recently, now the migrants are flooding into all parts of the city and it’s too late to do anything. Homeless young men from the central asian steppes and Marocco roam the streets in gangs, harrasing any girl when they get the chance. Arabs and…

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