“LIMBAUGH: A ‘SILENT COUP’ In The Judiciary Is Taking Place”

Rush gets it — best to listen to him he is almost never wrong.

tomfernandez28's Blog

Published on Mar 16, 2017

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John Beckman

All government institutions have been politicised under 8 years of Obama. This is an outrage, they are to do their job regardless of personal political affiliations. Lady Justice took off her blindfold and traded justice for power.
Fred London
It is really good for Trump to violate these two new court orders and enforce the second version of the EO. We need to break the law in order to save the nation from the evils of islam.
Steve Dmytrusz
Fred London- in all seriousness, why not? Obama not only skirted the law and did what he wanted, he even bragged about it at times!
Jose Jimenez
Will someone arrest this asshole judge
Clayton Realist
I was hoping that electing Trump would at very…

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