Well I guess you could say that the Policy shot and killed the Muslim Jihadist who had just killed two people and wounded any more!

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Network ignores news reports from UK media

By Kit Daniels

UPDATE: Reports are circulating that the attacker wasan Islamist who acted alone.

CNN downplayed the ISIS-style Parliament attack as a “firearms incident” despite UK media reporting it as a combined knife and car attack.

The network published an article with the headline “UK police investigate ‘firearms incident’ near parliament” around 11:30AM EST.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.54.57 PM“London’s Metropolitan Police said on Twitter they were called at approximately 2:40 pm to reports of an incident near Westminster Bridge and that it was being treated as a firearms incident,”CNNsaid. “TV images have emerged of a car crashed into a fence outside the Parliament building.”

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CNN did admit a police officer was stabbed in the “firearms incident,” but the article was light on details.

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In comparison, both the Sun and the Daily Mail said a knifeman was shot outside the UK Parliament…

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