In Islam a woman has no rights at all for all practical purposes despite what Muslim men claim.

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Are women oppressed in Muslim countries? What about in Islamic enclaves in the West? Are these places violating or fulfilling the Quran and Islamic law? Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an author and activist who was raised a devout Muslim, describes the human rights crisis of our time, asks why feminists in the West don’t seem to care, and explains why immigration to the West from the Middle East means this issue matters more than ever. Donate today to PragerU:http://l.prageru.com/2eB2p0h

Chad Battman

Because they would be branded ‘racist’ by the leftists who only care about political correctness
Its so sad because modern feminists want to talk about issues like sexist air conditioning but
then males like me who even talk about how opressed women in the middle east are and that Islam needs reform get called racist by these feminists.
El Diablo
Because new wave feminism has nothing…

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