Why just send them back to where their really came from!

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Hungary has refused a request from the Swedish government to take in 5,000 asylum seekers from the European country, reports Breitbart.

The outlet states that Hungary plans to take this issue to court.

Breitbart writer Chris Tomlinson points out that Hungary has long been opposed to the redistribution of refugees from other European countries. Hungary even held a referendum on the topic in October.

Svenska Dagbladet reports that the Swedish government is insisting that EU rules state migrants must be returned to Hungary, where they first registered.

The outlet states that irritation is growing over the matter as Sweden’s immigration minister states it is Hungary’s “duty” to take the refugees in.

If Hungary does not change its stance, Sweden is reportedly prepared to present the case before the European Commission.

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According to the Dublin agreement, which Sweden is citing as the reason Hungary needs to reclaim the refugees, asylum…

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