Hungary revolts against EU for ‘forcing illegal immigration’

I don’t see how the EU can possibly sick together, Merkel has done way to much damage for it to hold together much longer.

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HUNGARY is in open revolt against the European Union’s immigration policy, with letters sent to every household asking if they want the government to place foreigners under surveillance.

Viktor Orban’s government’s questionnaire, entitled “Let’s stop Brussels!”, asks Hungarians what the government should do in the face of Brussels’ desire to allow “illegal immigrants” to freely enter the continent.
The letter asks “what Hungary should do” as “despite a series of recent terror attacks in Europe…Brussels wants to force Hungary to let in illegal immigrants”.

The options are: “Illegal immigrants should be kept under supervision until the authorities decide in their cases” and “We should allow illegal immigrants to move freely in Hungary”.

Hungarian leader Viktor Orban

Bence Tuzson, a senior government official, said: “Big decisions and struggles lie ahead of Hungary in the coming period. Hungary can only win those struggles if it feels the support of the country.”The public…

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