Turkey’s President Erdogan Gains More Power in Narrow Referendum Victory…

Turkish President Recep Erdogan is quick to declare victory today, albeit by a narrow margin, as a national referendum to consolidate power passes during a national vote.

[…]  The 18 constitutional amendments that will come into effect after the next election, scheduled for 2019, will abolish the office of the prime minister and hand sweeping executive powers to the president. –link

Having watched the Erdogan objectives play out over the past six to eight years the approach he has taken has been highly effective.

Erdogan essentially imported a base of support consisting of mostly Muslim Brotherhood political supporters to aid his desire to transform Turkey from a secular nation into a more Islamic dictatorial endeavor.

He may never fully achieve the goal of recreating the Ottoman Empire, but that doesn’t mean there is going to be anything less than toxic turmoil ahead for Turkey and the EU as his endeavors continue to be successful.

A decade or two from now when our children look back upon the period from 2010 to 2020 there will be a rather obvious similarity between the rise of Erdogan to power and the rise of Libya’s Muamar Qaddafi.

Both power-hungry nuts utilized immigration to construct their objectives, and both were national gatekeepers. Qaddafi held power over Europe via the North African migration gate, and Erdogan gaining power over Europe through the use of the Mid-East gate.

As stated, we’ve watched this play out for years and predictably it’s all very obvious and available to connect via mostly open-sourced information.

Recep Erdogan knew he would not be able to accomplish his long term objectives without a fundamental transformation of the voting base in Turkey.  It is somewhat analogous to the Democrats political objectives with open-border migration from South American and Mexico into the U.S.

One of the more obvious points of reference which evidenced this approach was when Erdogan provided safe harbor for the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, as a terrorist network, after the Gulf States finally kicked them out of Qatar.

The Brotherhood leadership was exiled into Qatar from Egypt following the removal of Mohammed Morsi.  After approximately three years of launching the political narrative to protect their terrorist activity from Qatar, the Gulf States finally agreed it was no longer acceptable -or in their best interests- to allow the Brotherhood hospice there.

Recep Erdogan immediately stepped-up and provided them a home.

BidenObama Erdogan - Turkey

A second, accidental, and almost rather humorous event of reference, happened in October 2014 against the backdrop of the battle over Kobani Syria when Vice-President Joe Biden accidentally stated in public that it was Erdogan’s specific activity that was supporting the rise of ISIS in Syria as a means toward his own political ends.

Vice-President Biden told an open audience that Recep Erdogan was specifically responsible for the rise of ISIS, and that Turkey had actually armed ISIS and aided them.

The date was October of 2014 and Joe was completely “off the range“, I mean he was way outside the official White House wire and telling the entire world how President Recep Erdogan was duplicitous in the rise of ISIS.   (There’s Video Here)

Of course anyone who was well researched and up to speed knew it was all true.  But boy howdy did the White House and MSM need to go quick to the teletype to get control of that little slip; NATO supporting ISIS?… ya don’t say.

And that’s the big problem moving foward, Turkey is a part of NATO.  This play’s nicely for Erdogan as NATO provides him the cover for his continued abuse of Europe via his control of the migration gates, and turns the EU into co-dependents for their own demise.

As much as we dislike Erdogan and can see the final products coming to fruition, there is a part of the political review that must accept his modern approach at gaining incredible power and influence as rather smart from a geo-political and strategic point of view.

So long as no-one in the EU is strong enough to stand up to Turkey and demand their ouster from NATO, the shield provided by the alliance is actually empowering him.  It’s a rather unique approach amid dictatorial power assembly in the modern era.

No-one can ever predict the future of such regional issues with any degree of certainty, but the future of non-Islamic fundamentalist citizens in Turkey looks incredibly bleak.

…. complete with a massive $400 million white marble palace built for a king.

Erdogan’s 2015 completed $400 million white marble palace residence



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