Turkey & USA Relations Turn Bad

The relations between the USA and Turkey have turned for the worst. The USA has now restored the need for a visa after audio recordings have surfaced indicating that the evasion of Iran sanctions was approved by the Turkish President Erdogan. The US arrested Turkish-Iranian gold trader Reza Zarrab in the case of money laundering when he was acting as a middleman between the Turkish government and Iran for years. Since there is now a possibility of the involvement of Turkey in helping Iran circumvent the sanctions, relations have taken a turn for the worse.

The New York prosecutors also charged a representative of the semi-state Turkish Halkbank when he was flying through John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. They have charged him with conspiracy acting with Zarrab. It is alleged that both were doing business on behalf of the Turkish government and directly on behalf of Erdogan with Iran

One comment on “Turkey & USA Relations Turn Bad

  1. This just gets better.
    Soon you’ll be at war (or are already at war) with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Russia, China, Turkey, North Korea, Yemen, Libya, and NW Pakistan.

    I’m also predicting the EU soon as I’m not sure what exactly you will do when the EU army chucks you out of Europe and takes over the defense of Europe.

    After that there is the thoughts about NATO busting apart after the dismissal of the UK as part of the ‘NATO leadership’ as our military is “hollow”. (Which I feel is an accurate summation by one of your generals)

    Not that I’m worried. It’ll save 2% of our GDP.
    Our foreign Aid will be pleased.

    Then there are the trade wars?
    Did someone mention Canada recently, Mexico, and Northern Ireland (Bombardier) with tariffs?
    I wonder will you do that to the UK too after Brexit?
    Always a possibility isn’t it.

    Times could get well interesting providing WW3 doesn’t break out first.


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