Another Leaker Removed? – President Trump Removes National Security Adviser HR McMaster

President Trump has just announced the removal of HR McMaster as National Security Adviser.  He will be replaced with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.

The National Security Council is a massive intelligence apparatus consisting of dozens of principals and hundreds of staff.  There has been a series of leaks from within the NSC over the past year. We suspected, there was a concerted effort to track down the leaker(s).

There is a similarity to White House staff leaks, under Bannon – prior to Kelly, and recent NSC leaks under McMaster.

Given the timing of the removal in relationship to another NSC leak about President Trump’s phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin; and knowing the content of that specific leak was isolated to a small circle that would include McMaster’s personal staff; it is not a stretch to connect the dots and surmise McMaster (et al) was an IC leaker.

In the first assembly of his team, outsider President-Elect Trump took the advice of DC and professional voices familiar with the apparatus of the swamp. [See Reince Priebus, Rex Tillerson, HR McMaster etc.]

It makes logical sense after President Trump gained increased familiarity with the systems, patterns, organizations and institutions therein, that he would replace positions with people he feels would be more comfortable executing his administrative policy agenda.

Additionally, the NatSec challenge has changed.  POTUS is now positioning to confront Iran directly and is about to engage in direct talks with North Korea.  [Each new batter faced requires new pitcher skills.]

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