Falling for the Scam: ‘Conservatives’ Buy into Democrat Influence Narratives

The Democrats have unleashed a wave of evil they cannot control. In the end it will consume them. Let us all pray it does not consume us all

Re-Posted from The Canada Free Press By Abernathy Crumm —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 24, 2020

Useful Idiot:  In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as propagandizing for a cause without fully comprehending the cause’s goals, and who is cynically used by the cause’s leaders.

Some of the same people who brought us President McCain and President Romney are at it again.  With their fingers held up into the political wind they are predictably waffling just when strength and perseverance are needed.  The reason for this is that they are not conservatives where it counts, deep in their gut.  They are fair weather politicians and talking heads, without the stamina or conviction to stand for principle when it gets tough.  They still kowtow to the corrupt press, afraid to risk the ire of the Democrat propaganda machine.  This is no surprise, but we need to put them on notice.  The stakes are too high.  We don’t accept your spinelessness and we don’t buy your political tricks anymore.

Republican politicians have become useful idiots.  Useful to the Democrats

Without starting a distracting pissing contest, I will not name names.  The petty back and forth squabbles that would erupt on social media do nothing, they are of no consequence.  You can see who falls into the scope of my observations and ire easily enough. Simply go to main conservative sites and blogs and read, you will soon find the spineless who with intellectual dishonesty will say: “Trump lost, move on” or some other equally mealy mouthed equivocation.  Listen to the legislators when they shuffle out of their offices and mumble some platitude about “working with the new administration” or “every legal vote counts” for the cameras, they may be hard to catch, sunlight makes them uncomfortable. 

Oh sure, some are just lazy and tired and don’t have the stomach for the fight.  Some do not have the skills to dig into the mountain of evidence and data and eyewitness testimony that screams fraud and conspiracy, it is admittedly overwhelming.  Some actually work for the anti-American forces that are trying to destroy us.  They may not even realize it, they have become useful idiots.  Useful to the Democrats. 

So what are the narratives that they embrace?  You see them endlessly on the MSM.  There is “no evidence” of voter fraud.  It is a ‘conspiracy theory”.  The “American People would never vote for this despicable Putin Puppet” and on and on in a hundred versions and recycled lies.  Interviews with Democrat apparatchiks who oversaw the fraud are common.  They mouth the same lies. “Our system is fool proof”, and “We found no fraud, only some errors” and “There may be some fraud, but not enough to alter the outcome” and “It was a computer glitch that only happened once”, ok, maybe twice, or at most three times, etc…

If Trump succeeds in fighting the fraud the Democrat funded and motivated mob will cause havoc, businesses will burn, innocent people will die

The Democrats are certain we are stupid enough to believe them.  They are certain they can convince us to ignore our lying eyes.  After all it has worked countless times before.  It is working now. Our pundits and politicians who suffer from this unique form of political “Stockholm syndrome” are abetting an enormous electoral crime by not standing up and loudly demanding accountability.  They can’t pretend it isn’t there anymore, right?  Yes they can, and they will if they think they will profit from it.  This time they are wrong no matter which way the election goes. 

The thing is, this time the cheat is so huge, nationwide and in our face, with a clearly organized influence campaign supporting it that even people on the other side see and are concerned.  Some few still believed the democrats had some integrity left.  They know otherwise now, the Democrats have become the monsters they always falsely accused Republicans of being.  The true believers and fanatics are calling the shots, making the political conflict incoherent, debate impossible, and the leftist mob they use to intimidate us is churning restlessly,preparing for violence,waiting for violence, yearning for violence.

If Trump succeeds in fighting the fraud the Democrat funded and motivated mob will cause havoc, businesses will burn, innocent people will die, and America will suffer at their hands.  But Trump will fight back with law enforcement and federal agencies and yes, even the military if he must.  That is his job, and he is not timid in pursuing his duty. 

If Biden becomes President the mob will still be violent, innocent people will still die

If Biden becomes President the mob will still be violent, innocent people will still die, America will suffer greatly, but the mob will have a friend in the Whitehouse and will not fear the consequences of violence.  Anarchy is a weapon the left uses to intimidate and subdue its opponents with fear.  Even now they boast of taking their riots to the suburbs, to teach conservatives a lesson.  They will do so with the Democrats’ blessing.  Let them come, we are waiting. 

The vast majority of Americans will know Biden to be illegitimate, they will never trust an election involving Democrat candidates, poll workers and officials again. Our election system is now crumbling into third world chaos.  All trust is gone, no legitimacy remains.  This is what they have wrought.  The Democrats have unleashed a wave of evil they cannot control. In the end it will consume them.  Let us all pray it does not consume us all.

President Trump Delivers Remarks During Thanksgiving Day Turkey Pardon Ceremony…

Posted originally on The Conservative tree House on November 24, 2020 by sundance

Earlier today President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump participated in the annual pardoning ceremony for Thanksgiving day Turkeys “Corn and Cob”.  [Watch]

[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. Please. And I just want to congratulate everybody. The Dow Jones Industrial Average just broke, for the first time in history, 30,000. It’s now — (applause) — that’s good. That’s great for jobs, and it’s good for everything. And this is the ninth time that we set a record during the course of 2020, and it’s the 48th time that we’ve set the record during the Trump administration. And there’s never been anything like that. So I just want to congratulate everybody that worked so hard: the White House, but maybe most importantly, the people of our country. It’s a tremendous achievement.

The First Lady and I are thrilled to welcome you all to the beautiful Rose Garden where the First Lady actually worked very hard on renovating it. It was 61 years — it was in rough shape. Very big job, actually, when you go to the wires underground. People have no idea how complex it is, but you’ve done a fantastic job. Thank you very much. (Applause.)

And we’re also very happy to have with us my daughter, Ivanka, and Jared and Theodore, Arabella, and Joseph. Thank you very much for coming. (Applause.) They like the turkey. Thank you very much.

On behalf of the entire Trump family, I want to wish every American a healthy and very happy Thanksgiving. We’re here today to continue a beloved annual tradition: the official presidential pardon of a very, very fortunate turkey, because Thanksgiving is a special day for turkeys — I guess, probably for the most part, not a very good one when you think about it. The first turkey to dodge the White House dinner table received unofficial clemency when President Abraham Lincoln’s son, Tad, begged his father to spare his new friend.

For the past 73 years, the National Turkey Federation has presented the National Thanksgiving Turkey to the President. Starting under President George H.W. Bush, these birds have received a formal pardon every single year.

Today, it is my honor to present to you this year’s lucky bird, Corn, and, just in case we needed him, Cob. Corn and Cob. That’s not too hard to remember, is it?

These two magnificent gobblers were selected from the official presidential flock of 30 turkeys, some real beauties. They were raised by the Chairman of the National Turkey Federation himself, Ron Kardel. Ron — thank you very much, Ron. Please, stand up. Great job. (Applause.) Ron, thank you for being here, and your family — beautiful family. Thank you very much for being here. Appreciate it.

Like so many presidential flocks, this one started in the great state of Iowa in what can only been described as an act of blatant pandering. And, by the way, I love the state of Iowa.

These two turkeys sought to win the support of Iowans across the state by naming themselves Corn and Cob. After today’s ceremony, these birds will retire under the care of skilled veterinarians at Iowa State University, a tremendous university in Ames.

Once there, people of all ages will be able to visit them and learn about poultry science, veterinary medicine, and the noble American tradition of farming. We love our farmers, I’ll tell you. (Applause.) And we hope and we know that’s going to happen — that Corn and Cob have a very long, happy, and memorable life.

This year, our nation commemorates the 400th anniversary of the pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock. After arriving in the New World, the brave men and women of the Mayflower endured a bitter and dangerous winter — very, very dangerous winter. Many were sick, most were starving, and all were praying for a miracle. Thankfully, God heard their prayers.

From our earliest days, America has always been a story of perseverance and triumph, determination and strength, loyalty and faith. This week, in a time that is very unusual but in so many ways, very, very good — what we’ve endured and been able to endure, with the vaccines now coming out one after another. It’s an incredible thing that happened. One of the greatest medical achievements that this planet has ever seen.

But it’s time to remember that we live in a great, great country — the greatest of them all. And there’s nothing even close, as far as I’m concerned.

Every American can be united in thanksgiving to God for the incredible gifts he has bestowed upon us: the blessings of family, community, and this exceptional, beautiful, and great country. It’s greater than ever before.

During this Thanksgiving, we extend our eternal gratitude to the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and scientists who have waged the battle against the China virus, and we give thanks for the vaccines and therapies that will soon end the pandemic. It’s just — just such a tremendous feeling to know that they’re coming, and they’ll be coming probably starting next week, or shortly thereafter.

We send our love to every member of the armed forces and the law enforcement heroes risking their lives to keep America safe, to keep America great, and, as I say, “America first.” Shouldn’t go away from that: America first. (Applause.)

We give thanks to the priceless freedoms that we’ve inherited, and we ask God to watch over and protect our nation and its people during this incredible holiday and in all of the years to come. We ask that of God.

Once again, Melania and I wish to thank everybody for your incredible courtesies and also wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

And now it’s time for the moment of our guests of honor. They’ve been waiting, and, in this case, he’s been waiting for this. And bring them out. Look at that beautiful, beautiful bird. Oh, so lucky. That is a lucky bird.

Corn, I hereby grant you a full pardon. Thank you, Corn. What a bird. (Applause.) Thank you.

MR. KARDEL: (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: Iowa farm. I knew I liked you. (Laughter.) That’s great. Beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. Thank you very much. (Applause.) Thank you, everybody. Have a good one.


President Trump Delivers Remarks Celebrating The U.S. Economy…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on November 24, 2020 by sundance

Earlier today President Trump delivered remarks on the positive growth within the U.S. economy and stock market as a result of hard work done by the administration amid the COVID-19 pandemic. [Video and Transcript Below]

[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. And I just want to congratulate everybody. The stock market, Dow Jones Industrial Average just hit 30,000, which is the highest in history. We’ve never broken 30,000. And that’s despite everything that’s taken place with the pandemic. I’m very thrilled with what’s happened on the vaccine front. That’s been absolutely incredible. It’s — nothing like that has ever happened medically. And I think people are acknowledging that, and it’s having a big effect.

But the stock market has just broken 30,000. Never been broken, that number. That’s a sacred number: 30,000. Nobody thought they’d ever see it. That’s the ninth time since the beginning of 2020, and it’s the 48th time that we’ve broken records in — during the Trump administration. And I just want to congratulate all the people within the administration that worked so hard. And most importantly, I want to congratulate the people of our country, because there are no people like you.

Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you.


American Hostage Kidnapped in Niger Rescued by U.S. Special Forces – “All But One” Kidnapper Killed…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on October 31, 2020 by sundance

Five days ago an American was kidnapped in Niger and taken to the neighboring country of Nigeria. Today U.S. special forces carried out a daring operation and successfully rescued him. Philip Walton, 27, was recovered by SEAL Team Six.

According to the Pentagon, the mission was undertaken by the elite commandos as part of a rescue operation before his abductors could get far after taking him captive in Niger on Oct. 26.

(Pentagon) Statement by Jonathan Hoffman, Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs:

“U.S. forces conducted a hostage rescue operation during the early hours of 31 October in Northern Nigeria to recover an American citizen held hostage by a group of armed men. This American citizen is safe and is now in the care of the U.S. Department of State. No U.S military personnel were injured during the operation.

We appreciate the support of our international partners in conducting this operation.

The United States will continue to protect our people and our interests anywhere in the world.” (link)

We killed “all but one“…  We can only imagine what keeping that one alive was for.

According to ABC News: “[…] Then the elite SEAL Team Six carried out a “precision” hostage rescue mission and killed all but one of the seven captors, according to officials with direct knowledge about the operation.”

“They were all dead before they knew what happened,” another counterterrorism source with knowledge told ABC News.”

White House – Statement From the President On Last Night’s Hostage Rescue

Last night, at my direction, the United States military conducted a successful operation to rescue an American hostage in Nigeria, kidnapped just 96 hours earlier. United States Special Forces executed a daring nighttime operation to rescue their fellow American with exceptional skill, precision, and bravery.

No United States Service Members were harmed. The former hostage is currently in good health and has been reunited with his family.

Securing the freedom of Americans held in captivity abroad has been a top national security priority of my Administration. Since the beginning of my Administration, we have rescued over 55 hostages and detainees in more than 24 countries. Today’s operation should serve as a stark warning to terrorists and criminal thugs who mistakenly believe they can kidnap Americans with impunity.

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President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Macon, GA – 7:00pm ET Livestream…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on October 16, 2020 by sundance

After spending the day in south Florida (Miami), southwest Florida (Fort Myers), and then central Florida (Ocala), President Trump heads to Macon Georgia for a campaign rally to finish off the day.  Anticipated start time 7:00pm EDT [Livestream links below]

Trump Campaign Livestream – RSBN Livestream Link – Fox News Livestream

Gerald Storch Discusses Potential for Holiday Retail Sales…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on October 16, 2020 by sundance

Former Toys ‘R’ Us Chairman and CEO and Storch Advisors CEO Gerald Storch, appears on Fox Business to discuss today’s remarkable retail sales data. Storch rightly notes the September year-over-year spending was a whopping 8 percent on durable goods.

This outcome foretells good news for the holiday shopping season… except, as I noted, there is a slight issue. None of the current on-hand inventories are enough to fulfill demand for a big holiday shopping season. Hence, my advice – buy early, buy now.

Stunning MAGAnomic Comeback – September Retail Sales Jump 1.9 Percent, and 5.4 Percent Year Over Year…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on October 16, 2020 by sundance

The September retail sales show it’s a super-V recovery folks.  According to Census Retail data released today [LINK HERE] – [PDF HERE] September retail sales jumped 1.9 percent, that result is triple what forecasters and economists had projected.  However, the data is even better.  Need more winnamins !

A September 2020 comparison to September 2019 shows last month’s retail sales jumped a whopping 5.4 percent year-over-year.  That means last month saw consumer spending 5.4% higher than consumer spending before COVID-19 hit the U.S. economy. Keep in mind two-thirds of U.S. GDP is driven by retail sales and consumer spending.

Reuters is absolutely apoplectic with disappointment because their forecasters were only looking for 0.7 percent growth, and the 1.9 percent result is almost triple their expectations.  Despite missing the forecast, Reuters doubles-down on a “dark cloud” narrative and sells a doomsayer message because the globalists/multinationals are sad.

(Reuters) […] Retail sales jumped 1.9% last month as consumers bought motor vehicles and clothing, dined out and splashed out on hobbies. That followed an unrevised 0.6% increase in August.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast retail sales would rise 0.7% in September.

[…] Retail sales have bounced back above their February level, with the pandemic boosting demand for goods that complement life at home, including furniture and electronics. An aversion to public transportation has boosted motor vehicle purchases. Retail sales rose 5.4% on a year-on-year basis in September. (link)

Go read the Reuters analysis and you’ll see they are doomsaying, under the auspices that more stimulus spending is needed or the economy will collapse.  Nonsense. The data is the data… and the data tells a stunningly good story that totally aligns with what I have witnessed in all of my recent travels.

Yes, some more very narrowly targeted and specifically tailored recovery spending is wise and appropriate; but a massive spending package is not needed unless we are talking about the politics of it.  Politically putting money in the hands of workers/consumers is a good move…. but our economic position is not contingent upon it.  The economic engine has restarted and is firing strong; more government spending is pure nitrous now.

(Via Associated Press) […] “We’re optimistic about the prospects for a strong holiday season, as people want something to look forward to and bring joy to their lives,” Shay said. “While it’s been a challenging year for everyone, there’s been an enormous amount of innovation within the retail industry and retailers have demonstrated that we can keep the economy open and operating safely.”

“Retail sales are continuing to build on the momentum we’ve seen through the summer and have been boosted by an improving labor market, a rebound in consumer confidence and elevated savings,” NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said. “A significant number of people remain unemployed, but more are going back to work and that makes them confident about spending.

September retail sales reflect the support of government measures and elevated savings that is being spent now that consumers are shopping again. With less spending on personal services such as travel and entertainment outside the home, some of that money is shifting to retail cash registers. All in all, these numbers and other economic data show the nation’s economy remains on its recovery path.”  (more)

As many of you know I have been traveling extensively throughout the country as I continue to brief groups on background DC, DOJ and FBI information from my years of research. During these travels I make a point to visit sector-specific businesses to inquire about their economic and business growth status.

The disconnect amid a ground reality compared to business reporting and financial media is actually stunning. However, perhaps that is because my physical ‘on-the-ground’ inquires and reports are ahead of the natural lag in the economic data rolling up to the accounting level. Here’s what I can tell you with absolute certainty.

The amount of heavy equipment, industrial equipment, hardware and goods being moved around the country is more than I have ever witnessed or seen in decades of travel. The mid-west, mid-atlantic, southeast, and more specifically the south in general, has more haulers and semi-trucks on the road than I have ever witnessed…. ever…. by a substantial margin. The same is true for rail freight and cargo vessels.

Regardless of what financial pundits and economic media might be saying, the underlying economic activity in the U.S. right now is explosive and moving at a much more rapid pace than before the COVID crisis. Regionally, business owners and operators all report the same thing, and the same need for a larger workforce. All of them are hiring; however, some sector specifics and regional specifics are much more intense.

So here’s my final data-driven tip and prediction for you this year.  Do not share it with anyone except your closest family and friends:

#1 – There will be a severe shortage of holiday gift items for purchasing this holiday season; a severe shortage.  Make your list of presents now; and go buy them as soon as possible.  Trust me on this… stuff will be scarce and you will not be able to find in mid-late November and/or December.  Demand will be off-the-charts.

#2 – There will be a severe shortage of staple food items for holiday meal cooking.  If you do cooking or baking for your family this year, buy your shelf-stable items early.  Purchase your ingredients and shelf-stable food and beverage items early.

Wait for the fresh product purchases as normal, those are unaffected.  However, the side items and shelf-stable food products (flour, sugars, dry spices, condiments, dried fruits etc.) will be in very limited supply.

In all consumer purchase sectors existing inventories are already too low to support the normal holiday demand..

Purchase early and avoid the panic.  You will be a hero for your family.

The third quarter (July, Aug, Sept) GDP figures, which will be released on the last Friday in this month, are going to be record-breaking.

LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE: 2020 Orlando World Economic Conference

Armstrong Economics Blog/World Economic Conference Re-Posted Oct 12, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

This year’s World Economic Conference, which Nigel Farage called “the alternative to Davos,” will be held in Orlando on December 4 & 5. We had to cancel Shanghai and Frankfurt this year, but our arrangements with the hotel here in Orlando and politics have opened doors. We will not be able to accommodate the usual 1,000 attendees. This will be a limited in-person session, but it will be more intimate.

Since so many people from overseas may not be able to fly in this year, we have made arrangements to have a virtual conference option for everyone to participate globally. We still have to limit that to a max of 20,000 attendees simply as a matter of technology (sorry, we cannot handle more than that).

From the outset, I have explained that not only did Socrates begin to pick up what has turned into this COVID scam in August 2019, but our HIGHLY RELIABLE inside sources were also already warning that strategic players were selling as early as December of last year, and telling people a “virus was coming.” There are clear warnings within the global economy that we are facing serious upticks in civil unrest in Europe. However, we now have ANTIFA overturning statues of even Abraham Lincoln. Obviously, this has migrated from toppling statues of racists to just pulling down statues of any president which is anarchy.

(Click on Image to see World Markets)

The WEC has been the only truly international conference held since 1985. To see the future of any country requires us to look at the world. As you can see, not every market has been making new highs. Capital flows are ABSOLUTELY critical. We have the ONLY such model gathering the global information of ebbs and flows from all countries and Socrates is writing reports on over 1,000 instruments around the world. This is not about my personal opinion or gut feelings. We have to look at the world objectively and call the shots as the data requires.

o truly see the future this cannot be done on a gut feeling. Nobody is going to be consistent on this one. Our only shot is to see this through the lens of Socrates. What will be critical here is looking at this from a global perspective. Those attending in-person will receive their mug and their autographed copy of “The Cycle of War and the Coronavirus.” Virtual attendees will receive all the digital copies of reports being provided and videos. We have countless separatist movements brewing in Europe, Canada, the USA, and even Australia.

This is going to be obviously an important WEC. We have so much from rising civil unrest, international tensions, governments trying to lock people down, and they are already proposing this as the “new norm,” for lockdowns may be necessary to stop climate change, which has been the real agenda from the start. They think we are stupid. Granted, there are a lot of fools out there who just follow whatever they are told. We have billionaires trying to change the system to socialism to prevent people from ever making what they did to cut off any competition.

Even Schwab’s movie launched in 2019 was skewed to climate change as he was preparing this agenda for the Great Reset. This has been a grand plan.

We are fighting against the fools who think this is just something like a ship that will pass in the middle of the night. The global markets are revealing the trend. It is time for us to listen to the whole and not just one market.

Tickets are on Sale NOW – First Come First Served

Sunday Talks – Lindsey Graham Outlines ACB Confirmation Hearing Schedule…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on October 11, 2020 by sundance

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (an ICI member) appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the upcoming committee hearing schedule for the senate confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett.

Sunday Talks – Former ODNI Ric Grenell: President Trump’s Cabinet and Inspectors General Need to Get Focused…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on October 11, 2020 by sundance

I do not blame a single voter for tuning out this type of political messaging… At this point the people defined as “patriots” sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher echoing in a forest.  There is a simple issue that everyone, including Ric Grenell, avoid because they worry  about their own financial interests and ongoing image.

That issue is an admission that *CURRENT* cabinet members, *CURRENT* officials, *Current* republicans in congress, and *CURRENT* inspectors’ general, are participants in the attempted overthrow of the United States office of the presidency.

Unless and until that reality is admitted, all these words are barking at trees

The office of the president is trapped on the roof.  The firefighters set the blaze.  The firefighters are the arsonists.  The municipal fire hydrants are filled with gasoline.

There are no “honorable rank-and-file” in/around Washington DC. There are no DC interests, including conservatives within the DC media apparatus, willing to participate in the disassembly of the institutional DC system of politics.  That system is their livelihood.

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