President Trump Makes Brief Remarks Prior to Attending Easter Service…

Earlier today President Trump tweeted concern about the politicization of border security and the unwillingness of Mexico to confront their side of the equation.  [the three tweets from POTUS Trump follow the video snippet]

Before attending Easter Mass today, President Donald Trump briefly paused and responded to a question about his calling out Mexico for not helping the U.S. secure the border. WATCH:

It is against Mexico’s interests to stop the outflow of illegal aliens into the United States.  Much of the Mexican economy is dependent on the exfiltration of U.S. wealth through Mexican nationals sending money back to Mexico from the U.S.

The amount of money services (Western Union) used by Mexican Nationals to transfer dollars to their friends and family in Mexico exceeds the entire energy sector of the Mexican economy.  Hopefully President Trump will follow through on plans to exit NAFTA.

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