Rand Paul: “President Trump Needs to Declassify The Shenanigans”…

Oh, heck yes.  This is exactly what we have been talking about.  In an interview with Neil Cavuto, Senator Rand Paul shares his opinion that President Trump should respond to the coordinated political attacks by FBI and DOJ operatives by declassifying the information underneath all their shenanigans.

Good advice.  Without interfering with the IG Horowitz and parallel Proseuctor John Huber approach, President Trump should immediately begin declassifying the documents surrounding the FISA abuse scandal.

Start by declassifying the 99-page opinion of FISA Court Presiding Judge, Rosemary Collyer.  Remove all the redactions and let us see who the FBI/DOJ officials were allowing to have access to the NSA database to conduct searches.  Then declassify the full FISA Title-1 surveillance application used by the FBI and DOJ against U.S. person Carter Page.

If these releases of information create a need for prosecution of the people, entities and former officials behind the documents, then so be it. These documents are unrelated to the issues of the FBI conduct review of IG Horowitz, and extend outside the DOJ. WATCH:


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