How Gov’t Violates Human Rights using Conspiracy Theory

Ireland is now claiming it needs to pass the Magnitsky Act to defend human rights. The greatest human rights violations take place in the legal system. It was Adolf Hitler’s notorious court that everyone said violated human right because it had a 90% conviction rate against people accused of being Jewish. Well Ireland, like the United States, has surpassed Adolf Hitler. Sexual offenses have the lowest conviction rates in Ireland’s circuit courts because it requires proof. The 89% conviction rate for sexual offenses in Ireland’s circuit courts compares with 100% for fatal offenses, 98% for offenses against property such as burglary and theft, and 93% for road traffic offenses. If we are really going to deal with human rights, the place to start is legal reform.

The crime of conspiracy was used by the Roman Emperor Maximinus I (235-238AD) which There must be an agreement between two or more persons. The mens rea of conspiracy is a separate issue from the mens rea required of the substantive crime. Conspiracy is the law of tyrants, for it allows the conviction of someone for a crime they did not commit, nor even attempted to commit but you claim they “intended” purely as a mental state to commit in the future. Maximinus engaged in legal persecution. He charged a noted Senator by the name of Magnus, with conspiracy against the emperor, found him guilty, executed him, and then arrested 4,000 others claiming they all conspired with him to intend to depose him. He then used the criminal law to claim they committed a crime of conspiracy, and that, of course, justified confiscating all their property as well.

A conspiracy law was created and used at the Nuremberg Trials for members of the Nazi leadership because they could not actually prove involvement in some cases which was NOT a crime before the trial. This violated every principle of law in any civilized country known as the Ex Post Facto Clause. In other words, you cannot violate a law before it becomes a law. You are supposed to have Due Process which requires the notice of what is a crime to knowingly violate such law. But the pressure to convict the Nazi leadership resulted in violating that Due Process right which is the fundamental guidance from the Bible. The story of Cain and Abel is the source. Cain kills his brother Abel and God knows what he has done. Nevertheless, he summons him and allows him to defend himself even though he knows what he had done. That is the Due Process right that we are all supposed to have. They abandoned that at Nuremberg because the leaders merely gave orders and did not personally execute anyone. So they needed to create a crime of Conspiracy to prosecute them. They charged Conspiracy for participating in a “conspiracy or common plan” to commit international crimes. This was controversial because the conspiracy was not a part of the European civil law tradition. Nonetheless, the crime of conspiracy continued in international criminal justice and was incorporated into the international criminal laws against genocide.

However, they use conspiracy for everything. In this manner, they do not have to prove anyone actually committed any act. This is what Mueller is doing. He charges everyone around Trump in order to compel them to testify against Trump and thus they are given a script that will state that Trump “agreed” to whatever crime they committed and that will prove CONSPIRACY.

Human rights will not begin until CONSPIRACY is eliminated from all crimes. In the case of Nuremberg, they simply need to enact a law that covers the issue of an order in a military context. Any other crime of conspiracy needs to be eliminated in every other context. In the USA, the 1948 Conspiracy Statute was where the punishment provision was completely rewritten to increase the penalty from 2 years to 5 years except where the object of the conspiracy is a misdemeanor. In addition, conspiracies allow for derivative liability where conspirators can also be punished for the illegal acts carried out by other members, even if they were not directly involved.  Thus, where one or more members of the conspiracy committed illegal acts to further the conspiracy’s goals, all members of the conspiracy may be held accountable for those acts. So if one person killed someone and others did not even know that would take place, they too are charged with murder. Where no one has actually committed a criminal act, the punishment varies.  Some conspiracy statutes assign the same punishment for conspiracy as for the target offense. That is where human rights are violated. You can be charged with conspiracy and sentenced to the same punishment as if you actually committed the act. That is why the prisons are full to the brim because prosecutor just charges conspiracy and do not have to prove you committed any act and just claim you agreed with someone else.

The irony is that people who make up conspiracy theories about government actors are called conspiracy nutjobs, yet this in 99% of how the government prosecutes its citizens.


The Rule of Law

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United States Case Law

DOJ Wants Details of Mysterious FBI Raid on Protected IG Whistleblower Kept Secret – Target of Raid Says “Police State”…

An interesting legal development (full pdf below) in the aftermath of the mysterious FBI raid on protected FBI whistleblower Nate Cain. [Backstory]  The DOJ wants the details behind the search warrant to remain under seal, and the whistleblower target of that warrant -who was not arrested- is accusing the DOJ-FBI of being a police state:

[Tweet Link – – Daily Caller Story Link]

Something about this entire story is just not adding up.  The whistleblower came forward to the IG with information about how the FBI covered-up for the Clintons during investigations about the Clinton Foundation.  The IG gave the whistleblower protection, confirmed anonymity, and passed on his documentary evidence to the Senate Intelligence Committee (SSCI).   Then the whistleblower gets raided.

From the outset the DOJ and IG claims don’t match the DOJ and FBI conduct.   Even Senator Chuck Grassley has questions.

Here’s the DOJ motion today to keep everything under seal:


This is the letter from Senator Grassley to Inspector General Horowitz.  Notably Grassley wasn’t asking FBI Director Chris Wray for the answers:

(Link to Grassley Letter)

Something sketchy is going on in the background of this story, it just doesn’t make sense.  Why raid the confirmed and IG protected whistleblower?

A possible explanation is that corrupt FBI and DOJ officials, the ones at risk from the evidence provided by the whistleblower, wanted to know what evidence Nate Cain had against them; what was their exposure; and the raid was an effort to protect their interests. That’s the alarming possibility.

However, if that cover-up or target motive is true  – the brazen nature of the operation is stunning; and the corrupt officials must really believe they are so above the law they can act without any concern. Obviously Nate Cain appears to be pointing in that direction.


Huawei Executive Requests Bail in Canada, Pending Extradition to U.S…

The issues appear multifaceted. In a Canadian court lawyers for Chinese company Huawei CFO, Meng Wanzhou, are arguing for bail while she awaits extradition to the United States for violations on Iran sanctions.

There’s an element to this entire story that appears suspicious. President Trump was intentionally kept out of the loop; and that reality could infer that U.S. (deep state) actors were/are leveraging the Huawei matter as a poison pill against Trump’s trade reset with China.

Years ago such a possibility might be dismissed as conspiracy theory. However, today, knowing how far the administrative state has gone to disrupt the Trump presidency, such a concerted deep state scheme with Canada seems entirely plausible.

VANCOUVER (Reuters) – A Canadian provincial court on Monday weighed whether to grant bail to a top executive of one of the world’s biggest telecommunications companies, Huawei Technologies, while she awaits a ruling on extradition to the United States.

U.S. prosecutors want Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou to be extradited to face accusations she misled multinational banks about Huawei’s control of a company operating in Iran, putting the banks at risk of violating U.S. sanctions which would incur severe penalties, court documents said.

[…] Meng’s lawyers argue that while she awaits the extradition ruling, she should be allowed to live in one of her two multi-million-dollar Vancouver homes and travel through the area as long as she is accompanied at all times by drivers and minders from a security firm. She would also wear a global positioning system (GPS) bracelet at all times, her lawyers said.

[…] At one point the judge asked why Meng had avoided travel to the United States since 2017 if not to avoid arrest. Her lawyer David Martin cited a “hostile” climate toward Huawei in the United States.

“I ask the court to ask itself, what motive could she possibly have to flee?” Martin said, arguing the evidence against her was not overwhelming. “If she were to flee, or breach order in any way … it doesn’t overstate things to say she would embarrass China itself.” (Read More)

We cannot discount any motives here, because remember: there are trillions at stake.

If there is validity to a Machievellian DC scheme to block President Trump’s global trade reset with China, via antagonism through Meng Wanzhou, we would be naive not to notice such an action holds almost identical fingerprints to the Turkish Kashoggi matter and the effort to disrupt President Trump’s agreements with Saudi’s MbS.

At the 30,000 foot level – in both issues of conflict (Wanzhou and Kashoggi) Iran is the principle benefactor.  In the realm of geopolitical influence and power struggles – – Who supported the Iran deal and who opposed it?

Additionally, and structurally beyond refute, Wall Street and the multinational global alliance (World Bank and IMF) have an interest in blocking President Trump from restructuring global economic systems through his trade agreements.

Could it be the Kashoggi matter and the Wanzhou matter are similarly framed?

We should at least entertain the plausibility.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Threatens Trump USMCA Deal – Eliminate Steel/Aluminum Tariffs or No Support…

CTH has never hidden our disgust for the corrupt lobbying enterprise known as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and their President Tom Donohue.  No internal organization in modern history has done more to harm American workers and American industry than the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Their fraudulent and corrupt enterprise is a toxic threat to our economy.

Today the U.S. Chamber of Commerce issues a statement denouncing the trade strategy of the Trump administration and announcing their lobbying support for the USMCA trade agreement is contingent upon the removal of Steel and Aluminum tariffs.

As the Washington Times writes: “The Chamber had previously complained that the deal’s language limiting protections for investors and stiffening of the “rules of origin” for when autos can be duty-free were problematic.”  Put another way: Wall Street is angry their multinational constructs are not supported, and protecting U.S. workers from the predatory nature of global outsourcing is bad for their controlled market schemes.

Ultimately, Donohue’s biggest complaint -revealed by historic review- is that his organization didn’t get to write the USMCA trade agreement and were stopped from selling their special interest carve-outs to their corporate clients.

President Trump is the first modern U.S. president to stop the CoC from writing the trade agreement thereby stopping Donohue from selling his influence to the highest bidder.

In the heavily globalist TPP agreement (thankfully Trump abandoned), President Obama allowed the U.S. CoC full and autonomous control over the terms.  In exchange for control over content the U.S. CoC gave generous donations to Obama’s political allies.  Dubya Bush, Bill Clinton and H.W. Bush did the same thing; that’s also how the original NAFTA was written, and the reason for the global exploitation loophole.

It is actually refreshing to see a U.S. President and and economic policy team that are entirely independent from Wall Street influence.  If you peel all the skin from the corrupt DC onion, the inability of Donohue and his crony CoC to influence economic policy is exactly why our economy is growing independent of the global markets.

President Donald Trump, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and U.S. Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer will go down in history as the greatest assembly of economic warriors/strategists ever.

What the people of France, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, Italy and perhaps even Mexico, are expecting and demanding is exactly the economic nationalism that President Trump and team are delivering for the U.S.A.

Few people actually comprehend the scale of President Trump and how his America First MAGAnomic program is destroying the tentacles of influence from a multinational global financial network.

The ongoing U.S. trade reset is the biggest, most consequential and most significant national security initiative in our lifetime. Nothing else is even close….

Clinton Foundation to be Investigated At Last


All good things come to an end and this just may be the beginning of the long last decline and fall of the Clintons and their inherent corruption. The House subcommittee this week will convene a politically charged investigative hearing into the Clinton Foundation. Then President Trump is nominating former Attorney General William Barr to replace Jeff Sessions. Barr has been critical of the Russian investigation which is really pathetic but more importantly, he will pull no punches in investigating the Clintons.

The Democrats will scream and yell and maintain that the Clinton family charity is a true international Messiah saving the world and promoting world peace will advocating a new cold war against Russia for spilling the truth. I find it amazing how the corruption of the mainstream media is so prominent that they push this Trump association with Russia to win the election but refuse to talk about the emails that revealed that Hillary had rigged the election and took over the Democratic Party so she would get the nomination. When you have countries that do not support women’s rights or gay rights donating money to the Clinton Foundation it was obviously for influence, not charity.

The Clinton Foundation is the poster-child for political corruption and tax fraud. What we are about to witness is the start of a political war in the House before the handover to the Democrats in January. It was Donna Brazile, former chair of the Democratic Party, who wrote about how the Clintons took over the Democratic Party and used it for themselves. She wrote:

“So I followed the money. My predecessor, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had not been the most active chair in fundraising at a time when President Barack Obama’s neglect had left the party in significant debt. As Hillary’s campaign gained momentum, she resolved the party’s debt and put it on a starvation diet. It had become dependent on her campaign for survival, for which she expected to wield control of its operations.”

The Hill has reported the shenanigans of the Clintons and the investigation that has been underway regarding the Clinton Foundation. The submission also cites an interview its investigators conducted with Andrew Kessel that quotes the foundation’s longtime chief financial officer as saying he was unable to stop former President Clinton from “commingling” personal business and charitable activities inside the foundation and that he “knows where all the bodies are buried.”

What is at stake is the core of the Democratic Party. Their reliance on the Clinton Foundation has been unprecedented. It was more than just corruption and tax fraud, the Clintons are the ones, not the Russians, who sought to manipulate the entire country for personal gain. Brazile further wrote:

“I had promised Bernie when I took the helm of the Democratic National Committee after the convention that I would get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process, as a cache of emails stolen by Russian hackers and posted online had suggested. I’d had my suspicions from the moment I walked in the door of the DNC a month or so earlier, based on the leaked emails. But who knew if some of them might have been forged? I needed to have solid proof, and so did Bernie.” 

If we look back on April 23, 2015, just two weeks after Hillary Clinton officially declared her presidential campaign, her staff sent out a message on the strategy to manipulate the Republicans into selecting the worse candidate. They included this attachment a “memo for the DNC discussion.”

pied piper dnc email

The memo was addressed to the Democratic National Committee and stated bluntly, “the strategy and goals a potential Hillary Clinton presidential campaign would have regarding the 2016 Republican presidential field.” Here we find that the real conspiracy was Clinton manipulating the Republicans. “Clearly most of what is contained in this memo is work the DNC is already doing. This exercise is intended to put those ideas to paper.”

“Our hope is that the goal of a potential HRC campaign and the DNC would be one-in-the-same: to make whomever the Republicans nominate unpalatable to a majority of the electorate.”

The Clinton strategy was all about manipulating the Republicans to nominate the worst candidate Clinton called for forcing “all Republican candidates to lock themselves into extreme conservative positions that will hurt them in a general election.”

The nonsense published by Newsweek and then withdrawn when they realized that rigging the election FAILED and there would be no Madam President, painted a wonderful woman who rose to the top and was the pillar of society beyond question. It was revealed that the entire dossier on Trump and Russians was funded by Hillary. Previously both John Podesta and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz denied any knowledge of funding for this dossier. Any surprise at that? It was that dossier that began the entire Russian conspiracy and investigation appointing Mueller.

Hillary had presented herself as a role model to little girls as a leader of the feminist movement in all but official name. Hillary Clinton’s campaign spokeswoman, Jennifer Palmieri, in the hacked emails revealed that Palmieri and other Clinton allies’ hold very low opinions of Catholics. Hillary’s staff said Catholics are “severely backwards” and further demeaned them saying they don’t know “what the hell they’re talking about.”

Jerry Oppenheimer reported in his book State of the Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton (2000), that the night Bill unexpectedly lost his 1974 Arkansas congressional seat bid, Hillary shrieked at his campaign manager, “you fucking Jew bastard.”

Hillary was so shattered by the loss of her life’s dream to be the first woman president rather than what she could actually do for the country. Hillary refused to appear before her supporters. That was the most devastating thing any candidate had ever done in history. She took the loos so personal, it was just about her and nobody else. In the book Shattered, insiders reported that even President Obama  called her and said: “You need to concede” 

We may now be standing on the threshold of justice. As the Hill reported, the question of whether the Clinton Foundation suffers from corruption and illegalities may be answered: “in 6,000 pages of evidence attached to a whistleblower submission filed secretly more than a year ago with the IRS and FBI

Comey Says FBI Didn’t Investigate Trump Campaign; however,….

The transcript from the first James Comey interview with the joint house committee is rather revealing for several measures.  One of the more interesting aspects surrounds Comey claiming the FBI never investigated the Trump campaign; and yet also claiming four Trump campaign officials had FBI investigative files opened on them simultaneously.

Apparently, Comey wants everyone to believe it was a coincidence or something.

Additionally, within his ‘interview’ Comey confirmed our previous hunch on a very specific redaction within the Nunes memo:

Chuck Ross expands: The FBI opened counterintelligence investigations into four Trump campaign associates in late July 2016, earlier than previously known, former FBI Director James Comey told Congress Friday.

“I was briefed sometime at the end of July that the FBI had opened counterintelligence investigations of four individuals to see if there was a connection between those — any of those four and the Russian effort,” Comey said during a seven hour interview with the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees.

The revelation comes as something of a surprise because Democrats and many in the media have insisted that the probe, dubbed Crossfire Hurricane, was launched solely based on information that the Australian government provided the FBI on Trump aide George Papadopoulos.  (read more)

The entire series of campaign events was one massive weaponized opposition research and surveillance operation under the auspices of counterintelligence.  The Russian conspiracy narrative was the cover story.  It’s likely all four (Manafort, Papadopoulos, Flynn and Page) had some form of intrusive surveillance on them.

All of the current DOJ and FBI officials are working earnestly with Robert Mueller in a desperate attempt to keep a lid on what took place.   You know it, and they know it.

Sunday Talks: Larry Kudlow -vs- Swamp Guardian Wallace…

CTH cannot emphasize enough that the epicenter of all political motives and intents, as they directly relate to President Trump, comes down to money.  There are trillions at stake within the geopolitical economic system.  Everyone has a vested interest. Every player has a stake in the outcome. Washington DC, in its modern form cannot survive if the larger global economic policies of President Trump are successful.

In other countries the terms “bribery” and “corruption” are used to describe the exact same processes that Washington DC calls “lobbying”.  Underline this fundamental truism. Pin it on your bathroom mirror for a constant reminder. The framework under every domestic policy and legislative agenda initiative boils down to the economics.


I’m going to post three or four Sunday interviews surrounding international trade, international finance, and global economics.  As you watch each of them, and contemplate the narrative therein, it is a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y critical to remember the multinational Wall Street financial agenda is to STOP Trump.

Chairman Bob Goodlatte Discusses James Comey’s Dindunuffin Testimony….

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte discusses the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey.

The Coming Political Siege Warfare of 2019


As I have warned, the next two years are going to be an outright political siege warfare. Far more damage will be done to the United States and the world economy in this desperate attempt for the Democrats to retake the White House in 2020. Congress will launch its investigation of Trump’s role in Cohen’s plea that Trump told him to pay hush money to the two women about previous affairs. Claims that Cohen sought to influence the election from the shadows is really petty when they could thereby criminally charge all the board members of Goldman Sachs who banned their employees from donating money to Trump, which is also trying to “influence” the election from the shadows. But that is the problem with the law – it is selective prosecution all the time.

Cohen said the payments to an adult film actress and a former Playboy Playmate were made “in order to influence the 2016 presidential election.” Those are clearly words written by the prosecutor. Those payments, prosecutors say, violated 52 U.S. Code § 30101


(A) The term “expenditure” includes—

(i) any purchase, payment, distribution, loan, advance, deposit, or gift of money or anything of value, made by any person for the purpose of influencing any election for Federal office; and
(ii) a written contract, promise, or agreement to make an expenditure.

The money was given to the two women loosely falls in the very broad statute as a “gift” and he signed a “written contract” as well. It was Cohen’s words stating “in order to influence the 2016 presidential election” that makes it a crime. If he went to trial, that would be impossible to prove. The two payments were to Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal $150,000 to keep quiet about an alleged 10-month relationship with Trump and Cohen’s $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels. Cohen could have remained silent.

The theory of how this violated campaign limitations is that the maximum an individual can contribute is $2,700. Since Cohen paid the women, prosecutors made it clear that the payment was a campaign contribution because Cohen was repaid by the Trump Organization after he submitted “sham” invoices for legal work.  Then the question falls to did those in the Trump Organization know they were “sham” invoices? Does that then rise to Trump personally? This is where it takes Cohen to say “Trump directed me to make those payments” in order to impeach Trump. The whole thing is rather strange for Trump would have the power to pardon him. He is clearly cutting that option off by this plea. If what Cohen says is true, Trump conspired to violate campaign finance laws by directing payments to keep the women quiet so as to boost his election prospects. Yet the prosecutors also told the court Cohen tries to save himself by blaming others. That merely clods the issue and calls into question Cohen’s testimony against Trump.

So they also charged Cohen with tax evasion which would be a different issue. To reduce his time, he has to say the words that the prosecutors tell him that will then implicate Trump as a co-conspirator to a felony. This will give the Democrats the foundation to file an impeachment action regardless of the truth. The trial, however, would be in the Senate. Trump would tend to be the type to go to trial.

To start the impeachment process, there must first be drafted the articles of impeachment. Then the 40 members on the House Judiciary Committee vote over whether bring them to the full House of Representatives. A simple majority vote is needed, in this case, which means 21 congresspeople voting yay are needed in this phase. The Democrats can do that assuming they all vote party line as usual.

Once the articles make it out of the judiciary committee, the 435 members of the House of Representatives debate the merits of the articles of impeachment. In this phase, a simple majority is needed again to continue the impeachment process, which means 218 representatives would have to vote yay in order to confirm impeachment.

Assuming the Democrats vote along party line as expected, the articles of impeachment will then move to the Senate for a Trial. By the time the process brings the president before the Senate in order to defend himself, the “impeachment” part is done. What occurs then is a procedure that would see the president prosecuted by a group of “managers” from the House of Representatives, while a Supreme Court justice presides over the trial. The Senate then acts as the jury. In order for the president to be removed from office, in this case, it would require a two-thirds vote among the 100 senators or 67 votes. That means, 20 Republicans would have to vote to remove him from office. Bill Clinton was impeached and it went to Trial but there were not enough votes to remove him and he too committed a felony of perjury that was directly himself.

Elite Republicans hate Trump because he is an outsider. Nevertheless, will 20 cross lines and vote to remove Trump from office? That is not very likely given the indirect charge of pay money to two women. The charges from Mueller will have to be more direct to win a Senate Trial to remove Trump. No president has ever been removed. The process will be more directed to cripple Trump for 2020 so the Democrats can seize the White House and reverse everything Trump has done including raising taxes substantially and imposing a Global Warming Tax.