James Comey: “I don’t know how many memos there are”…

Fired FBI Director James Comey appears on CNN for an interview with Jake Tapper and states [@03:20] he doesn’t know how many memos he may have written? …What?

We can see the growing legal risk to James Comey by the severity of his professional obfuscation.  Despite flooding the media with interviews the overall Comey book tour is a significant narrative fail; he will find few defenders during an indictment.


Institutional media quickly noted the public opinion shift on Comey as the American people’s BS-meter pegged Comey as condescending and self-interested.  Politically democrats are not attempting to utilize Comey because he’s a known toxic commodity. Comey is left drowning in his own sanctimony, and his lack of self-awareness is pathetic.

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