French President Emmanuel Macron Pre-State Visit Briefing…

French President Emmanuel Macron arrives in the United States tomorrow for the first official State Visit and State Dinner of the President Trump Administration.

In advance of the visit, the pontificating media ambassador to the DC swamp, foie gras Wallace, briefs President Macron on what horrible vulgarian affronts he may encounter:


A bit of background color – As noted in the interview, President Macron will bring with him a gift, offering to President Donald Trump and the American people, an oak sapling taken from Bellau Wood, about 60 miles northeast of Paris in the Champagne region.  The site is where a famous World War One battle took place, where the U.S. Marine Corps repelled a German offensive in the final year of the conflict almost exactly a century ago.

The sapling grew close to the so-called “Devil Dog” fountain, a spot that has become legendary within Marines ranks.  It is where U.S. soldiers are said to have gathered after the battle.  The “dog” in the fountain’s name refers to its spout, which resembles the head of a bull mastiff. But the nickname also stems from the German moniker “Teufelhunden”, or “devil dogs”.  That term is said to have been used by the Germans to describe the U.S. Marines due to the ferocity with which the Americans fought.

As a consequence, “Devil Dog” soon became a common nickname for U.S. Marines.

Part II:


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