Patriots Charge – Legal Fund For Trump Campaign Aide Michael Caputo Raises Over a Quarter Million Dollars…

Last week former campaign aide for President Trump, Michael Caputo, made headlines when he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee and outlined the personal impacts as a person caught up in the ridiculous frenzy of the Russian conspiracy narrative and the Special Counsel investigation.  Mr. Michael Caputo finished his frustrated congressional remarks saying: “God damn you to hell.”

People began to take note; many, perhaps for the first time. The personal impact upon the life of an ordinary citizen was explained by Mr. Caputo on a few TV shows, where he outlined the jaw-dropping financial costs incurred as a witness in the insufferable investigation. An investigation based on abject nonsense and left-wing conspiracy theory.

Mr. Caputo and his family were on the precipice of financial ruin.  Patriots took note. As of this writing over 5,300 people responded to a GoFundMe fundraising effort and almost $260,000 was raised in the past three days. [SEE HERE]

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