Trump making, Make America Great Again

For those paying attention to the important issues affecting the security and freedom of all Americans it was a very good week. From the floor of the National Rifle Association’s annual meetings we heard the President reaffirm his commitment to protect and preserve the Second  Amendment to the Constitution. The right of law abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families is secure for now. We must never
forget that the progressive left won’t rest until gun confiscation begins.

The day after this important speech the President, while visiting Cleveland, met with a group of small business owners and their employees. The President delivered a speech proudly describing a roaring economy that will only get stronger. Thanks to the Trump tax cuts businesses are growing and new jobs are being added in big numbers. The unemployment rate is at a 17 year low with African American and Hispanic unemployment rates at all time lows. And best of all more of the American workers’ money is going where it belongs – in their pockets.

Donald Trump is delivering on the promises that got him elected, but there’s much left to do. He needs to secure the border and he needs to
build the wall to do it. He needs to continue filling the judicial system with freedom loving jurists who understand the rule of law while following the Constitution of the United States. He needs to defund the country’s largest provider of abortions – Planned Parenthood. He needs to help develop a free market healthcare system and completely repeal the big government power grab known as Obamacare.

We live in the greatest nation in the world. Ours is a resilient Republic that has withstood 8 years of the most divisive presidency in modern history. In November we must show up and elect those who will help President Trump ‘Make America Great Again.’

Jeff Longo
North Royalton, Ohio

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