77 Percent of Americans Support President Trump and Kim Jong-un Summit…

A recent CNN poll (full pdf below) of how President Trump is handling North-Korea has the moonbats going bananas. A sea change in the behavior of North Korea led to a historic meeting between South Korea and the DPRK. Quite simply, President Trump’s strategic policy worked.

With advancing optimism for peaceful relationships, and against the backdrop of an upcoming summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un, CNN took a poll to evaluate opinion. WATCH:


As noted by PJ Media:

[…] “In keeping with this sea change in the course of events, Americans have swung heavily in favor of Trump’s handling of North Korea.

In November of last year, only 35 percent approved of the president’s handling of the issue, while 58 percent disapproved. In the most recent poll, a majority (53 percent) said they approved of Trump’s engagement with North Korea, while only 35 percent said they disapproved of it.

This represented a powerful 41-point (!!) swing from a negative 23-point approval rating to a positive 18-point approval rating. (read more)

Here’s the poll data:



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