Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Discusses Tariffs and Hurt Feelings With Chuck Todd…

NBC is promoting an upcoming interview with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau surrounding the recently imposed steel and aluminum tariffs and the Canadian response.

Justin from Canada continues pushing the ridiculously obtuse narrative that tariffs to protect the U.S. steel and aluminum industry represent President Trump saying Canadians are a national security threat to the U.S.


It’s too bad NBC’s Chuck Todd didn’t interrupt Justin from Canada after the “aluminum smelter” comment and ask: ‘well, now that you mention it, what ever happened to that smelter near the airbase you mention’?

Of course Todd couldn’t do that because Trudeau would have to admit environmental dictates of prior left-wing Canadian political leadership destroyed the aluminum smelting industry in Canada much like it was destroyed by similarly minded environmental ideologues in the U.S.

Which is exactly the reason why President Trump is reversing course and reminding everyone that Steel and Aluminum manufacturing are vital to national interests. Huh, funny that…

However, all of that said, this ridiculously absurd politicization of the reasoning for U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs, and the political narrative now being pushed by Trudeau is further evidence that NAFTA is now a “dead-man-walking” trade deal. Stick a fork in it, and conduct your financial affairs accordingly, because NAFTA is dead.

If there was any possibility of a renewed deal, and/or if Justin from Canada wasn’t told of the pending doom by his advisers therein, he would never get himself so far out in direct opposition to U.S. President Donald Trump.

The only thing missing is the official U.S. announcement withdrawing from NAFTA… But don’t worry, that announcement is coming. Both Canada and Mexico are fully aware #NAFTA is dead. Their political positioning is now entirely framed around blame casting.

Unfortunately for the politically-minded Justin Trudeau and Foreign Minister Chrystia  Freeland what they both don’t understand is that President Trump doesn’t care about their delicate sensibilities and blame-casting maneuvers. POTUS Trump was elected specifically because he doesn’t apply a political prism in front of economic or national security decisions.

NAFTA is dead, all three countries know it, and the aspect that both Canada and Mexico have only recently become aware of is Trump is in no rush to announce it. President Trump is in no rush to announce it because the effects of withdrawal are already well underway. Investors are not going to invest in Canada and Mexico while the looming uncertainty of a U.S. NAFTA exit looms in the air.

As previously shared, prior to joining the administration NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow knew businessman Donald Trump tangentially. However, now that Kudlow’s got a front row seat to Trump’s trade and economic policy, he too has realized President Trump means what he says.


What PM Trudeau doesn’t mention [nor FM Chrystia Freeland ] is that U.S. steel is actually U.S. auto-sector steel being shipped just across the border to be used in U.S. owned manufacturing plants in Canada. Take that away and the entire steel narrative is lost.

Canada doesn’t make much steel and aluminum, because the Trudeau-minded do-gooder environmentalists in Canada have killed off their heavy manufacturing industrial base. Which is exactly what President Trump is attempting to ensure doesn’t happen in the United States.

Did you see the list of items the dynamic duo Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland selected as targets for their counter-tariff position? Check it out here. What do: “felt pens”, “rubber boats”, “orange juice” and Tomato Ketchup have to do with the U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs?

See The Answer HERE.


….And when Justin and Chrystia from Canada get all done with their U.S. media tour, guess what?

NAFTA is still dead.


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