Interesting Picture – Dennis Rodman Meets With Tom Bossert…

Back in April, 2018, Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert was essentially fired (resigned) due to a conflict with incoming National Security Adviser John Bolton.

As the story was told at the time:  Bossert resisted a reorganization of the National Security Council that made him subordinate to the national security adviser, so Bolton told him to pack his bags and get out.

However, Tom Bossert was exceptional in his role as Homeland Security Adviser; with expertise on cyber defense, terrorism and national security responses to natural disasters. As a DHS expert Bossert’s communication and coordination skills during the 2017 storm season was particularly, and extraordinarily, effective.

Additionally, close-quarter White House staff held/hold very high opinion of Mr. Bossert, the highest; and POTUS Trump is not the type of person who would randomly allow such high caliber talent to leave an organization. Tom Bossert’s April announcement always seemed oddly out of step.

Today Dennis Rodman tweet’s this picture of himself and Tom Bossert in Singapore just after the summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea Chairman Kim Jong-un.

(Twitter Link)


Tom Bossert is no longer officially part of the Trump White House.

Yet Tom Bossert is in Singapore… liaising with Dennis Rodman.

Yesterday during a CNN interview, Dennis Rodman said he was contacted by a female emissary from the office of the president conveying thanks for his efforts and relaying a sentiment of appreciation and pride toward Mr. Rodman.

Today unofficial Tom Bossert meets with unofficial Dennis Rodman.

Curiouser and curiouser…




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