Sunday Talks: Kay Bailey Hutchinson Discusses Upcoming NATO Summit…

President Trump heads to Europe on Tuesday for a series of meetings in several EU nations.  On Wednesday and Thursday (11th/12th) the NATO summit.  On Thursday and Friday (12th/13th) a U.K. Visit. Saturday and Sunday (14th/15th) a visit to Scotland; and Monday the 16th a summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Helsinki Finland.

The EU and U.S. media are one-upping themselves every few hours with apoplectic proclamations about horrible Trump and the high-minded need to save the angelic NATO mission of unbridled altruism; a liberally canonized Saint Merkel of Deutschland; as well as Londonistan’s Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Theresa May, from the horrors of a swaggering U.S. vulgarian…  Cue the audio visual:


Seriously, after a while all of these faux-intellectuals begin to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. “The louder they spoke of their honor, the faster we counted the spoons“…


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