The Older You Get The Longer You Pray…

I don’t often indulge in reflection… but when I do, well, y’all are welcome to come along.  Decades of living with one foot in a flip-flop and the other in a wingtip lends itself to a rather odd set of life-skills and friendships.

Tonight I celebrate a series of Trumpian winnamins with a comfy cigar, and hat-tip at sunset to all y’all.  Having lived every.single.line of these two songs, and still planning on sliding in sideways to the pearly gates: ‘wow, whatta ride‘, well, no greater love. True.

Cheers.  All y’all pirates.

Be back later.


Bathing in the glory of MAGA winning, and being so unbelievably thankful, so thankful, is like:

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