President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Arrive in the U.K….

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive in Great Britain at Stansted Airport. The President and his First Lady were met on the tarmac by US Ambassador Woody Johnson and UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox before the first couple was airlifted to Ambassador Johnson’s residence near Regent’s Park.


The U.K. is considered the most dangerous nation in the world for a terror threat against the President. The scale of the security force assigned to protect President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump is three times larger than the traveling military deployed/needed during the 2017 Mid-east trip to Saudi Arabia.

The US President landed at Stansted Airport on Air Force One with Melania under the watchful eye of Britain’s own elite counter-terror police forming the second perimeter force. Two internal security perimeter forces consist of U.S. Marine detachments, supplemented specifically for this trip.

President Trump and First Lady Melania will meet the Prime Minister and Queen during a four-day red carpet visit. The first couple were then whisked off into London, on a specially enhanced version of Marine One, to US Ambassador Woody Johnson’s house near Regent’s Park. The Trump administration is fully aware of the U.K. government role and involvement in the plot to block his presidency.


America’s Commander-in-Chief has 1,000 of his own staff and closely-vetted security in the UK. More than a year of operational planning has gone into the security and training of elite positioned squads of U.S. military operatives for this visit. Anticipate a giant motorcade led by his bomb-proof Cadillac nicknamed ‘The Beast’, along with two new transport editions to the security detail specially designed for a climate of severe terror threat.

Earlier in the day, while departing the NATO summit, President Trump remarked that Theresa May’s Brexit deal probably wasn’t what Britons voted for. When asked about the threat of mass demonstrations he said: ‘I think it’s fine. A lot of people like me there. I think they agree with me on immigration. I think that’s why Brexit happened’.

Daily Mail has Pictures of the Events HERE

This is the most dangerous trip President Trump has undertaken.

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