NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow Discusses Sustainability of U.S. Economic Growth…

National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow appeared on Fox News to discuss the latest GDP figures from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).

Keep in mind when contemplating ‘sustainable growth’, all of the current underlying economic activity is during the phase of transition between Wall Street policy (last 30 years) and Main Street policy (Trump).  We are in the space between the two economic approaches; two engines – SEE HERE.


How will we know when the two economic engines have crossed paths?  There is an easy answer:  Under MAGAnomic Main Street policies inflation is disconnected from FED monetary policy.  In the real economy inflation is connected to wage rates.  When inflation and wage rates reach growth equity (over two quarters), that’s when the Main Street economic engine will have caught and passed Wall Street. We’re close.  Watch.

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