President Trump Welcomes Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte To The White House…

Moments ago President Donald Trump welcomed Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to the White House for his first official visit.


[Transcript] Oval Office – 12:28 P.M. EDT – PRESIDENT TRUMP: Okay, thank you very much. Its my great honor to have Giuseppe Conte of Italy. He’s a man who’s doing a fantastic job. I really want to thank you very much for being here. We’ve become friendly over the G7 meetings and some phone calls.

And I agree very much what you’re doing with respect to migration and illegal immigration, and even legal immigration. Italy has taken a very firm stance on the border, a stance a few countries have taken. And, frankly, you’re doing the right thing, in my opinion. And a lot of other countries in Europe should be doing it also. Some have taken that stance a long time ago, and they’re doing a lot better.

So I just want to thank you, Giuseppe, for being with us. It’s an honor. We have a lot to talk about having to do with trade, having to do with our military. You’re ordering planes, lots of planes. The United States has a very large deficit, as usual, with Italy — about $31 billion. And I’m sure we’ll straighten that out pretty quickly.

But we find it a great honor to have you with us. Thank you. Thank you, Giuseppe.

PRIME MINISTER CONTE: Thank you. It’s a big honor for me, of course. And thank you for this kind invitation, for your warm hospitality.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: You’ll always be treated warmly. Okay? Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you.

END 12:30 P.M. EDT

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