President Trump Meets and Surprises Jim Jordan in Ohio…

Representative Jim Jordan is the no-nonsense personification of the ‘git-r-done’ spirit that runs through the scruffy and beloved heart of MAGA.  An authentic guiding spirit that cannot be faked, scripted or duplicated.  Ya’ either have it…. or ya’ don’t; it’s that simple.

In another example for the keen political instincts of President Trump; he can tell from the automatic vibe that jumped in the air when he said the name “Jim Jordan”; the President calls Jordan to the stage…. and another authentic MAGA moment happens spontaneously.

Remember, Jim Jordan said in an interview just a few weeks ago that he had never met President Trump, and had never personally talked to him.  However, when POTUS Trump senses the crowds response to the words “Jim Jordan” he immediately identifies the importance and value.  WATCH the instinctual evolution:


This is why POTUS travel and MAGA events are so valuable. Prior to today…. prior to this exact moment…. by custom and political tradition -as well as input from the circle around the office- President Trump was likely to support Kevin McCarthy as a natural SoH predecessor.

Not any more.

McCarthy doesn’t inspire that response.

POTUS Trump was just introduced to the MAGA inspirational and aspirational value of Speaker Jordan. Remember this moment; it matters.

See that look right there in that last picture? Watch it again if needed. Look at that moment closely.

What that is… is POTUS Trump seeing a Diamond in a coal mine.

There’s a spirit, a sense, a guiding force, that put that moment in Ohio together…. And it will have long, bigly, ramifications within MAGA and our nation… watch, you’ll see.

Republican state senator Troy Balderson winning Ohio’s 12th district is important; but Speaker of The House Jim Jordan is far more valuable to the historic needs of President Trump.

Guess what?….

He just noticed.

And he doesn’t miss this stuff…

It’s right there:


We have angels on our shoulders.



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